Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier
Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier
Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier
Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier
Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier


Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier

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Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier


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Country of origin: USA

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Enleum was launched as a new brand with the AMP-23R. While our legacy AMP-13R had already been praised all around the world for its performance and unique design, we pushed the boundaries to create the AMP-23R with a new circuit that truly enhances the existing performance. We have drastically improved the PCB circuit board design, chosen new internal components and upgraded our JET2 Bias design. And the reviews and awards are unanimous.

The AMP-23R’s physical size and footprint may be compact, but with the all new chassis and thermal heatsink design, we’ve launched a product that’s fit for the next generation reference compact amplifier. The unique design is the DNA of our new Enleum Brand and was already awarded the Red Dot Award : Product Design 2021 and iF Design Gold Award 2022. The AMP-23R proudly showcases Enleum’s expertise in technology and design.



The AMP-23R’s newly developed Ensence Circuit was born from years of expertise acquired from previous generation technologies. Now with a completely new and advanced PCB artwork, the circuit employs all discrete transistors with zero negative feedback and features an ultra-fast and ultra wide frequency response. All these advanced technologies are concentrated into a compact module, called “Ensence” which takes its important role at the input of the amplifier. The Ensence module then delivers its incoming music signals to output circuits through a precise attenuator that sets the lossless amplification factor, or gain.


JET is an abbreviation of “Jet”, “Exact” and “Tracking”, and it involves highly complex circuits of ADC, DAC and MPU with advanced software technologies. Previously designed for the AMP-13R, the JET Bias was developed in order to maintain the highest possible efficiency while significantly increasing the performance of the output stage’s stability. Now the new JET2 Bias further enhances this performance, as it’s now tracking the bias “at all times” during the amplifier’s runtime. It now enables a ultra-fast correction of the bias and offset of the output stage, resulting in much more precise controls of the EXICON MOS-FETs of the AMP-23R.


The AMP-23R employs the same transformer from the AMP-13R, but it employs an all new power supply circuit design, in order to provide higher current and less noise level performance. Now with new software architecture, a single MPU controls all the functions and circuits of the AMP-23R, resulting in significantly reduced number of the parts, and an improvement in efficiency throughout the circuits. Furthermore, the digital and analogue circuit section is now fully isolated from each other to minimize the interference, so that each section can perform at its best condition.


The best possible headphone playback has been one of our core ambitions since the beginning of our company, and the AMP-23R follows this tradition. The Ensence Circuit allows a zero loss amplification factor change, which means one can fully experience every single detail and nuances of the music source direct to the headphone. With its 4 watts (at 50 ohms) the AMP-23R can easily drive any headphone available in the market.



Our philosophy of pursuing “simplicity” remains unchanged in the course of our journey. Our design is focused on perfection with minimalistic originality and beauty, excluding all unnecessary elements in the development process. And as a result, our products have made a solid mark on the audio industry. With years of experience and expertise in precision design and metal crafting technology, we have once again raised the bar with the AMP-23R.


The AMP-23R’s construction ensures an efficient and clean design. The amplifier’s metal surface is finely finished to touch, and the functions are all controlled with a single button and ergonomically faceted volume knob. The beautiful design motif is laid out in the intuitive display and the control knob, down to the side heatsinks, establishing Enleum’s original design identity. The product’s design is perfected even into the internal structure, with each element being precisely combined to make the design complete.


The AMP-23R uses a more intuitive and efficient way to display volume. The patent-pending volume indicator shows the precise volume position with a single “dot.” As the volume increases, the dot moves clockwise and vice versa. When the volume level changes, the “dot” changes size just like a moon phase. And with that visual indicator, one can instinctively and precisely recognize the volume level. All of this is mechanical, and the volume can easily be controlled by using the ergonomic knob and remote control.


The AMP-23R has optional anti-vibration feet, employing “Base Isolation Device” technology. This device is a collaboration effort between Enleum and TAKT, a company in Korea specializing in anti vibration technology for audio. Three precisely machined feet are accurately placed underneath the bottom plate onto the three points calculated from the AMP-23R’s center of mass. The device shares the same engineering principles found in skyscrapers and bridges, where external forces such as wind and earthquake would have to be precisely cancelled out.