Kudos Loudspeakers: Crafting Sonic Masterpieces with Precision

Crafting Sonic Masterpieces: A Dedication to Excellence

Kudos Loudspeakers is synonymous with precision engineering and sonic excellence. With a relentless dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, Kudos has earned a reputation for creating speakers that transcend the ordinary, delivering breathtaking sound quality and unrivalled musicality.

Origins: A Legacy of Passion and Expertise

Founded by Derek Gilligan, Kudos draws upon decades of experience in the audio industry. Gilligan's passion for music and uncompromising approach to speaker design have driven Kudos's success, resulting in a lineup of speakers celebrated by audiophiles and critics alike.

Product Range: From Compact Bookshelves to Towering floor standers

Kudos S Series: The S Series offers a range of compact bookshelf speakers and floor standers that punch above their weight, delivering exceptional clarity and detail in a space-saving design.

Kudos Titan Series: For those who demand the ultimate in performance, the Titan Series features towering floor-standing speakers that redefine the boundaries of sonic excellence. With state-of-the-art drivers, precision-engineered crossovers, and meticulously crafted cabinets, the Titan Series delivers a truly transformative listening experience.

Experience Kudos at HeyNow Hi-Fi:

Why choose Kudos at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Precision Engineering: Kudos speakers are meticulously crafted for unparalleled sonic performance and musicality.

Legacy of Excellence: Founded by industry veteran Derek Gilligan, Kudos draws upon decades of expertise in speaker design.

Unrivaled Sound Quality: From compact bookshelves to towering floor standers, Kudos speakers deliver breathtaking clarity, detail, and dynamics.

Immerse yourself in the world of Kudos at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Discover the precision craftsmanship and sonic mastery that has made Kudos a favourite among audiophiles worldwide.



"The 505 more than earns the right to bear the Titan moniker. Kudos has extracted a truly room-filling sound from a relatively small cabinet and this standmount is an absolute delight"

-Hifi Choice

"Perfected over many years, this latest version of the british company's first floor standing loudspeaker delivers excitement and refinement in equal measure"

-Gramophone / Cardea Super c20

"I auditioned arounnd 10 different makes a speakers. Going around the country to find my end game speakers. I ended up with the Kudos Titan 707's. Excellent sounding speakers."

-Mark Howels / Titan 707 

"There is a fluency to how the Kudos performs that is simply outstanding."


"It's the speaker's ability to paint bass texture that impresses most. Lows are agile and articulate, yet never overstated. That's a pleasing and rather rare combination of qualities."

-What Hi-Fi?

"The 505 more than earns the right to bear the Titan moniker. Kudos has extracted  a truly room-filling sound from a relatively small cabinet and this standmount is an absolute delight."

-Hifi Choice

"Lovely mid-to-top coherence with very delicate detailing, but a bit light in bass weight, and pricey, too."

-Tech Radar

"This is Kudos’ smallest, simplest and most affordable speaker but it still makes good on everything that the company feels matters and the result is a joy that is unquestionably a Best Buy."

-AV Forums

-Cardea C10

"I found the floorstanding Cardea C20s to be a delightful listen, and if anything I like the Super 10As even more. I guess I am a stand mount kind of guy, since both my own pairs of loudspeakers are of that nature."

-The ear

"The Super 10As are outstanding speakers for the price, delivering class leading insight and transparency."

-What Hi-Fi?

"Crisper, clearer, faster and more detailed: that sums up the gains on offer when taking this Exposure/Kudos system active, the set-up both gaining control and losing some of the restraint heard in passive mode. Best of all, it goes louder cleaner without urging restraint over volume."

-Hi-Fi News




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KUDOSKUDOS C10 2-way Stand Mount Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS Super10A 2-way Stand Mount Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS C20 2-way FloorStanding Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS S20 2-way FloorStanding Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS Titan 505 2-way Stand Mount Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS Titan 606 2-way FloorStanding Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS Titan 707 2-way FloorStanding Loudspeakers (pair)
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KUDOSKUDOS Titan 808 2.5-way FloorStanding Loudspeakers (pair)
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