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About the brand

We are a modern 21’st century business. It just so happens that by using good old electrical knowledge we manage to beat - with our sound - 

the so called modern technology, which  has little to offer to the true music lover.

We design the products the good old way - with large transformers, with multiple power supplies, with large chassis, with a lot o point to point connections made with silver wires in teflon. We use hundreds of very good and over specified components from best known vendors and brands and we choose them by ear first. We carry enormous R&D efforts every day every week every weekend too, in order to outperform ourselves and competitors. Every one of our products has to undergo rigorous audiophile testing marathons. 

If we have to compromise somewhere in our design - we tell you about it and we offer immediately a non-compromise solution at upgraded price.

Every product we build carries a serial number and is unique because we build it for you. It is like no other because we first listen to your requirements and we build a machine that will suit you best now and in the long haul.  Every component is documented in our log-book of manufacturing for future reference, servicing and upgrading.


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