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In this world of music at your fingertips a great sounding music system is more important than ever. Hi-Fi Systems today are more advanced, better sounding and simpler to use than ever. I offer single components, speakers, system upgrades and full systems.

I have a passion for listening to music I have had the privilege of hearing music through great Hi-Fi products and am in the enviable position that throughout my career I have had the pleasure of helping people to own them too. I believe in pedigree brands, value, reliability, aesthetics and ease of use.

If it is not simple to use then it’s not going to get played.

I believe it is better to save and buy something good than to buy the cheapest bargain and wonder why it doesn’t meet your expectations causing you to buy again only to get what you should have bought in the first place.

I am here to match you with the right products from my vast portfolio of quality, reliable brands and stand behind your decision

Which factors are right for your Hi-Fi?

Hi -Fi systems today come in lots of different shapes, colours and sizes. They can be designed to suit your living space and also to play sounds from many different devices. Factors that make you comfortable may be sound quality, appearance, colour, ease of use, power consumption or concert level performance. I am here to help you determine the right equipment to suit your needs - whatever your requirements are.

What can i play on my new system?

Today’s systems can play practically anything especially as there are so many ways to find music and sound. You can play CDs, Records, radio - AM FM DAB (Digital) and internet - local content and music from all over the world. If you have a cassette player I can plug that in too. The greatest advancement in music now is music streaming - music from the Internet - using subscriptions from Spotify and Tidal you can play almost all the music in the western world. including new releases as well as pop and rock classics from the 60’s and 70’s. I can connect you to all of this and bring the world to your fingertips. If you’re a classical music enthusiast then IDAGIO is the subscription for you.

Yes, Record Players are back

Record Players - turntables - vinyl players are back. The analogue sound of a record vs a digital recording has a warmth, quality and reality to it that draws you further into the music, This is not to say digital music is no good, the record - vinyl experience is just different. The record player also gives you the opportunity to find time to relax and listen as you have to be there to change sides or stop the record, unlike the convenience of digital music. You may have an old record player from the 70’s or 80s that needs work. Bring it to me i can assess it at a cost/ benefit level. Good new players start at approximately $500 and while prices can reach the stars. It depends on your system, your time to play and the value you place on playback etc. I am here to advise you through consultation to find what will be right for you.

How do i choose a Hi-Fi System?

There are many types of Hi-Fi systems available because people have different levels performance they expect. Some people choose an amplifier, CD player and speakers, Others buy “separates” meaning a separate pre amplifier, power amplifier , CD player etc. There is also a very simple and elegant way to have minimal electronics in your system while just having a pair of speakers with all the peripheral electronics built into them - these are called active ( or as I prefer “complete” speakers. This category and solution is gaining ground in the market as people are prepared to dedicate less space to their Hi-Fi System while still wanting performance. I choose to offer 2 of the market leaders in this category being MERIDIAN and LINN both of whom have been developing complete speakers for decades. By choosing a consultant to help you you quite quickly determine what is right for you. I am obviously one such consultant and take joy from helping to create a system that will bring years of joy to you. Get in touch I’m here to help you wherever you are on your journey.

Rejuvenate your HI-Fi

The best way to improve your sound without buying a new system or component is to upgrade the connection cables. Improving your speaker cables will send more signal to the speaker therefore creating a richer and deeper sound, Improving the connection cables sends more signal to the amplifier which in turn sends a fuller signal to the speaker cables, replacing the power cable opens up the sound and lowers the noise level of the incoming signal which opens up the soundstage and helps to define the instruments better. Buying a high performance power-board, conditioner or power re-generator is the single biggest upgrade you can make to the performance of your whole system.

I stock some amazing engineering based (not marketing based) brands to improve your system including PS audio, Nordost, Atlas, ISO acoustics, Isotek, Les Davis Audio and many more. In most cases you can try these in your home before committing to purchase.

I Offer Product ADVICE & demonstrations, System and component Upgrades , Downsizing, System design, Delivery and installation.

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