In-Home Demonstration.

In-Home Demonstration.

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HeyNow Hi-Fi provides a unique service of in-home demonstrations of high-end Hi-Fi equipment, allowing customers to experience the upgrade first-hand in their own living spaces. This is intended to showcase the true capabilities of the equipment, as the acoustics and other environmental factors in each home are different and can greatly impact the listening experience. By bringing the demo to the customer's home, HeyNow Hi-Fi is able to provide a more personalised and immersive experience, enabling customers to hear the difference that high-quality audio equipment can make in their daily lives. This service is a testament to HeyNow Hi-Fi's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

HeyNow Hi-fi offers this limited service to Melbourne metro customers to experience products in their homes, subject to availability and discretion. Customers outside the region are encouraged to contact HeyNow Hi-fi to explore other options. Please note that the offer is only applicable to products that have been unboxed and are available for demonstration.

Please get in touch with Geoff now on 0415668307 to discuss the opportunity for an in-home demonstration.

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