Smart house automation

Smart house automation

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Take control of your home with a smart controller system, programmed by us to do what you want to do. Operate your lighting, heating and cooling , security and your entertainment system from the same controller.

Smarten up your Home and lose the remotes

Remote controls are the bane of every great entertainment system. Which one was it the TV remote, the amplifier remote, was it the Denon or the Loewe?? Argh. When I design a system I always offer a smart remote control. In essence one remote to control the whole system. Instead of turning on the TV and the amplifier and, and,and… You press one command that performs a multitude of activities. Such as “watch TV” this command is programmed by my team to perform all of the tasks that it takes to get you to be watching ABC HD, Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Smart systems can do more.

A smart remote can do even more than just replace your remote controls though. They can also turn on and dim your lights,operate your blinds, control your air conditioner, run your alarm and camera security system. They can even automate items like projector screens and lifts on the ceiling, Bring a TV up from the foot of the bed, angle the TV into the kitchen. in fact almost every thing you can imagine. When considering renovating or building have a chat with me to find out whats possible. Through a consultation I will answer your questions and only option what you’re comfortable with.

See whats possible in your consultation.

I have a smart system set up in my St Kilda suite and would love to show you how simple and fun it is to use. It controls my cinema, lights and blinds it can also run my security system, camera and climate. Smart systems are modular so you can add to it in the future when you become more comfortable with it running your home.

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