Artnovion Cinema Core - Cosmos CS
Artnovion Cinema Core - Cosmos CS


Artnovion Cinema Core - Cosmos CS

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Country of origin: Portugal

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Cosmos CS

Relax under a starry night sky.

Experience the beauty of the night sky with the Cosmos Starlight Panel.
This unique panel produces a soft, ambient glow that creates an enchanting atmosphere in any home theatre. Transform your space into a beautiful, star-filled night scape. Easy to install and configure, with full control via App, Cosmos is a part of the CS line of products, made from an absorbent recycled PET front fitted over standard CS speaker cores.

Absorbers remove energy from incoming sound waves, reducing reflections and overall reverberation time. Diffusers scatter energy over a wide area, creating more homogenous sound fields. Bass Traps reduce low frequency room modes, diminishing the effect of standing waves. Speaker cores seamlessly integrate in-wall speakers. Discover our

Cinema Series, a flexible range that can be adapted to a wide variety of

environments and is tailored into beautiful, timeless, multifunctional designs.


Cosmos CS
Absorption Range: 400 Hz to 8000 Hz
Acoustic Class: D | (aw) = 0,55

Cosmos CS App (Coming Soon)
Controlled via App (iOS and Android):
Bluetooth connection


Low energy RGBW LED
Full colour spectrum

Light effects:

Range of dynamic, customisable effects


Quick and easy installation and connection


- Modular LED Starlight panel for Home Cinema Ceilings.

Recommended for

- Home Cinemas
- Media Rooms



FG - SF | 595x595x18mm

Fixing Systems

Cosmos CS has an integrated fixing system