Audience frontRow 10 AWG AUS-IEC PowerChord Statement Power Cable
Audience frontRow 10 AWG AUS-IEC PowerChord Statement Power Cable


Audience frontRow 10 AWG AUS-IEC PowerChord Statement Power Cable

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front Row Statement Power Cable

The extreme performance of the frontRow powerChord AC cable pushes the envelope to an all new level, surprisingly extending the boundaries of your audio component’s ability to retrieve natural low level information, and providing a new depth into your music with life-like accuracy that will satisfy the most discerning ear. Even the highest (current on demand) components, such as Megawatt Mono Block Amplifiers, will excel in all parameters by the effective gauge and geometry of frontRow powerChords, while delicate passages are whispered into layer upon layer of refined musical depth, bringing all the realness of the recorded venue into your living environment.

With the introduction of MORRE technologies into the frontRow powerChord, all areas of musical performance are inherently and definitively improved. MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy) is the umbrella name under which all of the current proven Audience technologies lie and is critical to the unparalleled achievement of the frontRow powerChord. MORRE is inclusive of materials, connectors , geometries, as well as pre/post production processes/procedures and everything else found in the frontRow powerChord that makes it unequalled in competitive audio products. MORRE is a game changer.

frontRow Rise Above the Noise

The frontRow powerChord’s individual internal conductors are comprised of our all new, modified 99.9999% pure Continuous Cast Copper, 38 strand, 6 bundle, 14 gauge wires. Configured to frontRow specifications, these wires are combined and laid out in a specific geometry and spacing, providing the least amount of magnetic inductance and interaction between hot neutral and ground conductors. Each OCC conductor is covered in Pure Virgin Cross-linked polyethylene, with an excellent stable dielectric constant over all frequencies, and an unmatched natural quality when combined with OCC conductors in audio applications.

All frontRow powerChord OCC conductors terminate to the new Audience Rhodium plated copper wall plugs and 15 amp or 20 amp IECs. These special termination connectors insure the highest quality and most secure connections from the AC source to your components, and provide the highest signal transfer for both voltage and current. All new frontRow powerChord grounding OFC shielding shunts unwanted noise and distortion caused by RF and EMI efficiently away from signal conductors to provide uncompressed ultra quiet backgrounds.

At the end of the day, when you turn on your system, and you want to go where it takes you, make sure you are in the frontRow.


  • Conductors: - 6 each/38 strand 99.9999% OHNO Continuous Cast Copper
  • Dielectric: - Virgin Cross-linked Polyethylene XLPE
  • Geometry: - frontRow
  • Wire Current Capacity: - 34.7 amps
  • Shielding: - Oxygen Free Copper - Hot Shunt to Ground
  • Connectors: - Audience Rhodium Plated Wall Plug and 15amp or 20amp IEC
  • Build Time: - 4.5 hours
  • Post Production: - MORRE Deep Cryo II - EHVP
  • Burn In: 3 to 4 Days

The Au24 SX powerChord represents the pinnacle for Audience and the attainment of a goal to be the best in the industry. The sound is dynamic, musical, rhythmic, and unparalleled in harmonic resolution and coherence. The Au24 SX powerChord is the result of research and development innovations, and the culmination of 20 years of experience in powerChord design.

Like the rest of the Au24SX cable line, the SX powerChord is made with 6 nines pure OCC copper in the very highest quality XLPE insulation and is double cryogenically treated in house. This wire geometry is an advanced design that the late Roger Sheker and John McDonald put over a year into developing and testing various samples. There are two 13 AWG wires per leg in the 10 AWG SX powerChord. Historically Audience has not been a proponent of shielding power cords due to reduction in dynamics. However, we found that the ultimate result is to shield the ground leg only. So each of the two ground wires is shielded and then insulated in Teflon.

The SX powerChord is beautiful in appearance while retaining high flexibility and ease of use that all previous Audience powerChords are known for. Audience utilizes the very highest quality Furutech FI-50 NCF (Nano Crystal Fiber) connectors. These beautiful AC connectors yield the best sound Audience has experienced.

Au24 SX powerChords are available in 10 AWG and 13 AWG for the MP “Medium Power” for components of 200 Watts or less.