IsoAcoustics Aperta300 (single unit)
IsoAcoustics Aperta300 (single unit)


IsoAcoustics Aperta300 (single unit)

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IsoAcoustics Aperta300 (single unit)


22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
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St Kilda VIC 3182


Country of origin: Canada

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Aperta Series

Sound like it was meant to be heard.

The isolators manage the energy of the speaker to reduce vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to eliminate dissonant sounds in the listening area or joining rooms.

Internal reflections are vibrations reflecting back up the speaker cabinet which causes smear. Smear is a result of artefacts replicated in both channels which are perceived to be in the middle, causing the stereo image to collapse. The IsoAcoustics isolators reduce internal reflections to eliminate smear. The result is an improved stereo image of natural spatial sound.

Aperta stands can be positioned on the floor, shelf, credenza, desktop or on a floor stand.

Tilt Adjustment

Dial-in your angle

The IsoAcoustics Aperta stands feature a unique integrated tilt adjustment that enables the user to dial-in the optimum tilt angle, with fine gradation markings provided to ensure the precision of the angle adjustments. The built-in tilt adjustment can be dialed-in 6.5 degrees upwards and downwards to optimize your speaker placement and focus.


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Product Selection Calculator

Our intelligent online tool will tell you the isolation product you need for your system.


Patented Isolation Technology

Learn about our patented isolation technology, and the science behind the sound.

Awards + Reviews

ON OFF magazine is the most recognized and respected HiFi magazine in Spain.


HiFi Accessory Award 2019

"The impact on the sound is not subtle; the clarity of the sound improves dramatically, bass tightens up, and everything sounds more focused.”

Ian White


"If you want no less than the best premium quality desktop monitor stand, then check out the IsoAcoustics Aperta 200.”


Best Monitor Stand

"The first time I listened with the Apertas installed, I couldn’t pull away from the music … At this point, I will never use another pair of speakers on my desktop without the Apertas or their equivalent (which I haven’t found yet.)”

Paul C

HI-FI Trends

“Even within my acoustically treated control room, the differences are hearable as a more 'open' sound with enhanced sonic clarity and better stereo imaging. The Aperta 200s are winners and I highly recommend them for any project studio, stereo or home theatre system!”

Barry Rudolph

Music Connection

“The IsoAcoutics Aperta stands aren’t just good—they are some of the best money can buy, and I frankly won’t mix without them!”

Paul Vnuk Jr

Recording Magazine

“This wasn’t just a subtle improvement but a clear enhancement of the sound – and one that was repeated on all forms of music ranging from small-scale acoustic jazz to bombastic hard rock.”

Jon Myles

Hi-Fi World

"Both the bass and midrange show improved clarity and definition … I also found that the sound-staging improved, taking on a more holographic quality.”

Gary Galo


“The IsoAcoustics devices were demonstrated by comparing the sound of two pairs of Focal Area 960 speakers … The results were quite impressive: a general tightening of the bass and less smearing in the midrange, and even the treble.”

Robert Deutsch

Stereophile Magazine

“The stands introduced a completely different soundstage. I know, it sounds impossibly crazy, but it’s true. The sonic image both sharpened and expanded, and the pinpoint placement of sound became much tighter and focused.”

Todd Anderson

Home Theater Shack