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MC Quintet Bronze

The Quintet Bronze moves into the higher league of the Quintets.

The slim profile of its Nude Fine Line diamond stylus will track even the highest frequency information, making it a must for discerning listeners.

Additionally its larger footprint ensures reduced distortion and record wear.

The sound will be very evenhanded with respect to all aspects. Classical music will be reproduced with power and open space around each of the instruments.

The ST-7 transformer is a perfect match for the MC Quintet Bronze cartridge.

LH-4000 headshell is specially recommended for MC Quintet cartridges series. 

Review quotes MC Quintet Bronze

HiFi World, May 2020
Reviewed by Noel Keywood

"...Ortofon’s Quintet Bronze moving coil cartridge offers a fine example of vinyl loveliness. It is supremely smooth in sound, full bodied and deep in sound stage. Not fast or sharp, it veers more toward a balance that suits classical music, vocals and easy Rock. With a stylus that gets the best from inner grooves this is a moving coil that offers a great analogue experience. I just relaxed and enjoyed it...
...Lovely and gorgeous! Everything you could wish for from LP..."

Positive Feedback January 2015, Issue 81
Reviewed by Ken Micallef

"...No matter the sonic extremes I threw its way, the Ortofon Quintet Bronze never lost its buttoned-down composure, reproducing a full frequency range performance every time. It never favored one part of the spectrum over another, its top to bottom smoothness and coherency perhaps its most outstanding and noticeable trademark. This brother is smooth....

…The Quintet Bronze presented harmonic textures naturally without drawing attention to itself. But while it definitely creates a first-row presentation of the music, its gentle demeanor places it in the laidback variety of moving coil cartridges. It has more energy and transparency than moving magnet carts I‘ve used, but its big, round, warm sonic portrayal of events is more buttery and compliant than breath-taking and bold…

…At its asking price, the Ortofon Quintet Bronze is reasonably priced, and it's certainly capable of expressing a wide frequency range performance with a large soundstage, natural textures, and spot-on tonality. While the Bronze was in my system I wanted for nothing more, save a better grip on low end fundamentals. The Bronze was never soft and fuzzy, but it tends to roll off upper treble, denying the fine detail that the less expensive Denon, and other moving coil carts, easily convey. If you have a solid state based system, the Ortofon Quintet Bronze cartridge may be the full bodied compliment you've been looking for."

Ease of use

Top-mounting of the Quintet cartridges is easy and secure using the screws supplied. The aluminuim frame has threaded mounting holes and is fitted easily with the 5mm or 7mm screws depending on the thickness of the headshell.  

The Quintet series’ right angles, straight lines, stylus visibility and ample distance between the record surface and the cartridge’s bottom will make it easy to mount and align the cartridge and tonearm correctly. The Quintet Series gives excellent results with most common tonearms.


Features & Specifications

Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. 

0.3 mV

Channel balance at 1 kHz 

< 1.2 dB

Channel separation at 1 kHz 

> 23 dB

Channel separation at 15 kHz 

> 15 dB

Frequency response 20-20.000 Hz 

+/-1.5 dB

Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) 

80 µm

Compliance, dynamic, lateral 

15 µm/mN

Stylus type 

Nude Fine Line

Stylus tip radius 

r/R 8/40 µm

Tracking force range 

2.1-2.5 g (21-25 mN)

Tracking force, recommended 

2.3 g (23 mN)

Tracking angle 


Internal impedance, DC resistance 

5 Ohm

Recommended load impedance 

> 20 Ohm

Cartridge body material 


Coil wire material 

Pure 4-nines copper

Cartridge colour 


Cartridge weight 

9 gram

Compatibility with Rega brand TT/TA: 

REGA brand cartridges’ height from stylus tip to the top cartridge mounting surface is lower than standard. Therefore you would need spacers to ensure the correct set-up of the Ortofon cartridge. Please read about cartridge set-up and alignment on tonearm on our FAQ. 
Adjusting the height of your Rega tonearm is easy with Acoustic Signature's Spacer Set. It allows you to adjust the height from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm in precise steps of 0.5 mm - without removing the tone arm. Simply loosen the screws, insert the AS-spacer, then lock the screws back down, and you're tonearm is ready to play.
3.2 - 4 mm spacers should be enough for Quintet cartridge.  

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