Sutherland Engineering Insight Phono Preamplifier with Linear Power Supply


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There comes a time when accumulated knowledge reaches a tipping point that insists upon a new product. The Insight phono preamplifier’s name was inspired by a moment where knowledge gained from the design of preceding phono opened new possibilities.

Ron Sutherland talks about ‘pride of ownership’. Although not expensive by high end standards, the Insight is a combination of solid, thoughtful engineering, with an artisanal attention to every design decision. Every detail matters. Good enough is NOT good enough. All the areas of performance, aesthetics, reliability, circuit design, circuit board layout, parts selection, packaging….. ALL of those aspects must seamlessly dovetail into one expression.

For example, conventional designs built to a budget use inexpensive, low-quality computer rocker switches. However, these components are non-optimal for configuring the low-level signal from a phono cartridge. To offer the user a wide range of configurations while maintaining signal integrity, the Insight uses gold-plated header pins and gold-plated shunts. They offer high-pressure and large surface area contacts. This is an example where Sutherland Engineering make that extra effort in areas that make a difference sonically.

The LPS version incorporates an internal linear power supply. The result is that the noise floor drops even further and the sound becomes even more resolved and articulate against a quieter background.

For those with a taste for understated elegance, the Insight will deliver an enduring pride of ownership. The physical artistry is a means to solid, reliable, musicality. There is no affectation. Just a simple, pure link to your recorded treasures. It faithfully delivers musical joy, year after year.


  • Plentiful loading and gain options for both MM and MC cartridges
  • Compact, discreet chassis is impressively well-built and solid
  • Quiet, dynamic, and musical beyond its modest price


  • Stereophile – Class B Recommended, Editor Tested, Audiophile Approved, A-OK Product 2016
  • Stereophile – Stereophile’s Products of 2014 Analog–Insight, Runner-up 2014
  • Stereophile – Class B Recommended, Editor Tested, Audiophile Approved, A-OK Product 2014


Positive Feedback, Peter Davey, 2013

Quite fun reliving parts of my collection with this phono stage, detail and subtle nuances that never before presented themselves. Honestly, this phono stage will put some $10K+ devices to shame! It’s not about money, it’s about passion, engineering and soul—all things this new Insight phono stage encompasses.

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Stereophile, Michael Fremer & Art Dudley, 2014

Good pop records, too, liked the Insight, including Chris Stamey’s adventurous It’s a Wonderful Life (LP, DB Recs DB66). In the title song, the lead guitar—played during the verses with a mandolin-like tremolo—had a great sense of feel through the Sutherland, while the moderately compressed drum sound came across with good impact. Spatial layering, too, sounded believable and fun, and I noticed that the Insight had apparently greater channel separation than the Shindo’s phono stage.

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Product Specification


  • Phono Preamplifier

Gain Settings

  • 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60dB


  • 100, 200, 1k, 10k or 47k Ohms

Power Requirements

  • 86 to 260 VAC, 5W universal, no adjustment required

Power Supply

  • Internal Linear Power Supply


  • 432mm (wide) x 305mm (deep) x 64mm (high)

Shipping Box Dimensions

  • 584mm (wide) x 457mm (deep) x 229mm (high)


  • 5.0 kg

Shipping Weight

  • 8.6 kg


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