A revolution in Power Supply - HYPSOS

The power supply is often the first component to any audio setup. And rightfully so, without power your speakers won’t speak, your DAC won’t convert and your turntable won’t turn.

For a long time, the power supply has fundamentally remained the same, as many believed it only had one job – to supply power. And this was true to a certain extent, or at least it was until Ferrum Audio and parent company HEM decided to find a way to make the power supply even better.

This led to the creation of HYPSOS, a hybrid power supply system that is able to combine the best features of both linear and switching power supplies.

HYPSOS is much more than any other traditional power supply, in fact it falls into an entirely new category where it stands alone.

HYPSOS is a device that for the majority is entirely software controlled (with the exclusion of the few hardware dependent elements), offering the listener control over the Distinct User Levels, Sweet Spot Tuning, 4T Sensing Design and Advanced Automation.

On top of this, HYPSOS has an enormous compatibility list, meaning that whatever products are in your system, HYPSOS will allow each component to operate at its full potential.

 As an incentive to try this incredible product, I’m making an introductory offer to my customers on the Ferrum HYPSOS at HeyNow Hi-Fi, saving you $200 off the original RRP - from $1,699 down to $1,499.

If you’re looking to extract more from your equipment, improving the power supply will make a vast difference, anywhere from your network switch through to your DAC or streamer.

Click here to view Ferrum’s HYPSOS on my website.

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