Add more horse power to your Hi-Fi with Hegel

If you're looking for a sleek, modern amplifier, featuring a futuristic design without compromising sound quality - then Hegel might be exactly what you're looking for. Loved by critics, reviewers and speakers the world over, Hegel brings out the best in many speakers in my portfolio - including KEF, Amphion, ELAC and Vienna Acoustics. Hegel is an amplifier brand where the reviewers have got it right.

A stand-out product by multi award winning Hi-Fi brand, the Hegel 120 amplifier remains one of my most loved amplifiers to date. Guided by a commitment to reduce noise pollution and provide a clear, crisp sound, the Hegel 120 amplifier provides natural, undistorted listening.

The digital to analogue conversion facilitates flawless, uncompromised sound that will not only provide premium phono outputs, but to give the user a completely immersive listening experience.

With 6 digital outputs and a slick, futuristic design the Hegel 120 is available in black or white and will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home audio systems but captivate listeners with premium audio experiences.

Comparatively, the Hegel 190 amplifier is distinguishable by its premium sound quality, high-end DAC, and aesthetically pleasing design. However, the 190 surpasses that of its cousin due to its superior resolution and dynamic bass.

The Hegel 190 provides unmatched enhancements to both lower and higher frequencies to produce sound that is smooth and controlled. With tight-bass and specs that create a transparent, open sound, the Hegel 190 is perfect for those looking to invest in more premium Hi-Fi systems.

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