Amphion Argon1 group test.

Amphion Argon1 group test.

Finnish speaker manufacturer Amphion has been getting some major press in recent months. 

The ARGON7LS won the floorstanding speaker of the year in Hi-Fi Plus 2020 awards edition. 

Now others are examing the rest of the Amphion range of speakers. 

Did you know that Amphion speakers have been available in Australia for 10 years! Sadly they haven't received their well earned place in the market here. 

I think as you watch this video and explore the rest of the range, you'll see thst they are a great contender for that valuable place in your living room or study. 

All Amphions are available for a listen at HeyNow Hi-fi and under can even be listened to in your home, any where in Australia. * Conditions apply - obvoiusly! 

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