An Evening of Hi-Fi Magic

An Evening of Hi-Fi Magic

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Last Thursday August 24th, HeyNow Hi-Fi had the pleasure of hosting our demonstration and sale event, an Evening of Hi-Fi magic at the Novotel in Preston in partnership with Audio Magic. 

On display throughout the evening was a demonstration of the beautiful Harbeth 40.3 speakers, along with the much-adored Harbeth SLH5’s. These speakers were driven by a range of amplifiers, including those from Aqua, Copland, and Lumin, drawn together with Tellurium Q cables.  

Those who attended got to experience the versatility of these Harbeth speakers, as a diverse range of music genres were brought to life through these incredible systems. Attendees also got to experience Harbeth’s brand new Okoume finish firsthand and saw how these speakers would present and perform in a larger open room environment. 

As always, a big thank you to Audio Magic, and the team for highlighting the specs of the products on display and sharing their insights into how we can best optimise these speakers. 

Most importantly, thank you to all those who attended, and for all of your kind words after the event – I’m so thrilled you enjoyed yourselves and got to truly immerse yourselves in some phenomenal pieces of Hi-Fi. 


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