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TVs are getting thinner.

Even if you haven’t bought a new TV recently, you will have noticed that since the first television came out almost a hundred years ago, TVs have been getting thinner and thinner. It’s now become public perception that the thinner your TV is, the more advanced the unit is and as a result, the better it is.

Sure, a slimmer TV is more visually appealing – but slimming down your TV comes at a detriment to the quality of the audio, even the best TVs are able to produce.

However, the solution for this problem is simple: in order to get the best audio from your TV you’ll need to work through an external system. TV manufacturers focus their attention on their image quality, rather than their audio – so for perfect sound from your perfect TV, an external audio source is no longer an additional component, it’s become a necessity.

Enter the Bluesound PULSE.

Designed specifically to fit perfectly under your HD TV, the PULSE SOUNDBAR is the world’s first multi-room high-res sound bar to feature crystal clear, 24-bit resolution and audiophile-grade bass response – without a subwoofer.

In true Bluesound form, the audio produced from the PULSESOUNDBAR is stunning. The dynamic bass, paired with beautifully clear midranges delivers a powerful, sharp audio, that makes every TV feel like a personal home theatre.

The PULSE SOUNDBAR is a full immersive sonic experience that doesn’t just bring the soundtrack of your TV to life, but allows you to be completely enveloped by the audio placing you right in the heart of a perfect cinematic atmosphere. This really is the soundbar your TV deserves.

Due to its auto-sensing optical input, the PULSE SOUNDBAR also works with older TV sets. The Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR is also fully compatible with other Bluesound products, allowing you to create a Bluesound eco-system throughout your home.

With the PULSE SOUNDBAR, you no longer have to worry about limitations when it comes to listening to your favourite tracks the way you want to hear them. With user selectable listening modes that include two dialog enhancing modes, a wide music mode and a wide cinema mode, the PULSE SOUNDBAR is as versatile as it is incredible.

Without doubt, a soundbar is the easiest way to listen to your TV. Personally, I have a soundbar on my TV at home, as it’s far less complex than running my TV audio through an entire AV system, yet it is still able to produce an exceptionally high sound quality for my viewing experience.

I have eight white PULSE SOUNDBARs in stock. They originally retailed for $1,699, I'm offering these for $999. They are brand new in boxes and come with a full two year warranty and include shipping anywhere in Australia.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your audio to matches the stunning quality of your TV  a soundbar is the necessity you never knew you were waiting for.

Get the most out of your viewing experience by matching your HD TV with an equally high-quality audio from Bluesound. 

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