Payment methods

1. What payment methods do you accept?

 We welcome Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay and Electronic Funds Transfer.

All credit card payments are processed through PayPal and the secure Gateway Shopify Payments for your safety.

We never pass on credit card merchant fees to you. - please use which ever card gives you the best benefits. we never consider this fee in our negotiations with you.

We encourage EFT payments to our bank account.

With the later we ask you to send us a bank transfer receipt to let us know that the payment has been made so we can process your order immediately.


2.   We offer lay-by where by we hold the goods for you while you pay them off -

You have 3 months to pay and we expect regular payments - once paid you collect or organise delivery of the goods

If you fail to pay with in a mutually acceptable time or cease regular payments funds paid will be completely or partially forfeit.

Altering or cancelling you lay-by will result in you funds being partially or completely forfeit as we have to hold the product during the period of your lay-by and the product can become obsolete or hold up our business cash-flow.


In many cases we can offer a part exchange on the product you have and want to replace.

This is totally at the discretion of the vendor (HeyNow Hi-Fi) and a mutually acceptable change over price will be negotiated.

This transaction will be carried out in accordance with the laws on second hand goods trading and will only be carried out with identification checks and proof - Please bring your valid drivers licence with you as we will need to record it for the register.

Product Loans

At the complete discretion of the Vendor (HeyNow Hi-Fi) products may be loaned for appraisal or testing. This will be done with the security of a pre authorised credit card and a consent form agreeing that the product will come back in exactly the same condition it was lent in. If there is damage or loss to the product HeyNow Hi-Fi is entitled to recover the costs of repair or replace from the signatory.

Delivery and installation

HeyNow Hi-Fi offers an optional installation and delivery service. It is not obligatory to use our service. However if you seek to install yourself or through a third party and are unsuccessful HeyNow Hi-Fi will happily perform the installation for you at the prescribed cost. There is no penalty added to this cost for us to look after the installation however it may take longer as we will need to troubleshoot what went wrong. HeyNow Hi-Fi is not responsible for damage caused to the product while you or your third party installer was working on it.

HeyNow Hi-Fi also offers an optional delivery only service. you are not obliged to accept our service however if your product is damaged during your self delivery, HeyNow Hi-Fi is not responsible for the charges to repair the product. We will however help you to get the product either fixed or provide the required information for your insurance company.

Warranty and repairs

Every product HeyNow Hi-Fi sells is backed by the authorised Australian distributor’s warranty. Your purchase is also backed by Australian consumer law. HeyNow Hi-Fi only sells products from reputable brands and reputable distributors. All products have different warranty terms and conditions. It is important to read them before making a claim they are supplied with the product in the carton. If you cannot find your warranty advice HeyNow Hi-Fi will happily forward them to you.

Principally the warranty will cover you for manufacturing defaults - not wear and tear, However by law a product needs to last a certain period of time under Australian consumer law. Manufacturer / distributor warranties do not cover the collection and return of products these are chargeable activities. Warranties also do not cover IT, Antenna, User error related issues. Changing IT, network related products after installation can cause a lot of frustration for all parties. It is important to work with HeyNow Ho-Fi to see how we can assist you should anything go wrong with your product.

IT and Networking

Many of our products connect to the internet in order to provide content or to update to keep your system running effectively. Before you agree to an installation date please ensure your permanent internet is connected. Make sure you have the access passwords and usernames available for our installation team so we can provide you what we promised. Most of the more advanced products simply wont work without a reliable internet connection be it wired or wireless.

The internet signal coming into your home can be both a source of great entertainment and fun as well as one of great frustration. Typically the modem / router provided by your internet carrier is the cheapest they can get away with and it will do it’s job. If it’s job is to send emails and look up websites. unfortunately in this world of 4K video streaming and High res audio, 4K interactive gaming the typical modem router will not keep up and will cause dropouts and slow downloads. HeyNow Hi-Fi strongly advice you to keep the modem part but invest in a very good router and depending on the size of your home wireless access points. HeyNow Hi-Fi can supply these items but so can your IT specialist. You are not obliged to purchase these items from HeyNow Hi-Fi but if you change after installation the products connected to them are not faulty they are just disconnected. You will need to pay HeyNow Hi-Fi to reconnect them.

NBN Changeover

Every item you have connected to your current ADSL / cable connection in your home will become disconnected when the NBN comes through. The way it issues connection addresses is a different protocol and as such it will disconnect your home. IF HeyNow Hi-Fi has connected a music streaming system, television, smart home control etc they will not work after you have changed to the NBN. You will need to reconnect them yourself or contact HeyNow Hi-Fi to reconnect them for you. This is a chargeable service. We can mitigate all of the issues created by the change to NBN by planning when you are thinking of installing the new system and delaying until its in.

IT passwords

You have passwords in your life and many to to run the items you enjoy at home. In many cases when we install a system we are connecting to the internet and bringing your subscriptions to life, like Iview, SBS on Demand, NetFlix and Spotify music. It is important for you to have your username and passwords ready for HeyNow Hi-Fi’s installer on the day we come to connect everything. This makes us more efficient and you less frustrated trying to remember. The other passwords to have ready are your Wi-Fi password and your computer. All of this helps us to deliver to you what we’ve promised. We don’t keep any of your passwords nor do we take them away with us in any format. It’s simply to connect you.

Payment Terms

When you buy a product on-line the payment is due when you place your order. this is done by PayPal or EFT.

When you purchase a product in store and take it away payment is due there and then.

When you purchase a product that we need to order for you then a deposit is paid and the balance is due before collection or delivery.

When you order a system or product that we will install then a 20% deposit is payable to place the order, the balance is payable upon delivery of the goods and the installation will be completed.

When you are building your home and engage us to perform the the project a deposit of 30% is payable to commence the project, this covers design, cabling and management, a further payment is required for any item delivered and installed prior to handover - typically in ceiling speakers. The balance is due on day of delivery and installation starts.

These terms can be further negotiated at time of placing your order.

Delivery dates

When we mutually decide upon a delivery date or installation day we need to do our best to stick to it. We understand that building dates change often. The issue is that if the delivery date moves too far then we have a stock storage, contractor and payment issue. We will have booked the installer ahead of time and then he can not get further work for the day, we do not want to penalise our customers ever. Depending upon how far the installation date moves we will need the balance for the stock held upon the original agreed date.