AG Lifter High Performance Turntable Isolation Feet (set of 4)
AG Lifter High Performance Turntable Isolation Feet (set of 4)

AG Lifter

AG Lifter High Performance Turntable Isolation Feet (set of 4)

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As the stylus of a cartridge moves through the groove of a vinyl record, the vibrations created by the groove are converted to electrical signals through a coil in a magnetic field. The electric signals are carried along wires to the amplifier which enhances the power of the signal. Since vibrations are converted into a signal which eventually is converted into sound, we can see that any extra vibrations that are picked up by the stylus influence the purity of the signal and hence the sound quality.

In a mechanical system such as a turntable, energy in the form of vibration over a large range of frequencies is present. Some vibrations originate from the external environment and are transmitted through the building structure and through floor into the playback system. Other vibrations are caused by people moving near the system or by bass transmitted through the floor. Some vibrations are transmitted through the air and some vibrations originate from the mechanical system itself like the motor, the bearing or the actual stylus interacting with the record. Vibrations interact with each other, resulting in all sorts of complex vibration patterns within the playback system. Ultimately these unwanted vibrations mix with the vibration of the stylus in the groove, causing distortion and unwanted sonic artifacts.

Therefore, the main objective of analogue audio design is to eliminate as much of the unwanted vibration (resonance) as possible so that the stylus can interact with the groove and ONLY with the groove, thus picking up all the musical information without interference or influence by any other phenomena. It is actually impossible to completely eliminate all unwanted vibration, but the more successful you are in reducing it, the better the sound quality achieved. All turntable designs attempt to deal with these resonances to some degree.

The Turntable Isolation System is made from a custom nitrile developed to remove resonances between 2-20 Hz. This Isolation System enhances the performance of your table by floating the turntable’s plinth on the shelf. This three-layer isolating material is specifically designed to interlock, using conical raised surfaces at different heights, to support the plinth and to contact your shelf. A rubber bearing shaped centre section interlocks the upper and lower isolating sections. The Turntable Isolation System comes in a set of four feet.

What is the effect of adding the AG Lifter Turntable Isolation Feet to your turntable?

The addition of an AG Lifter Turntable Isolation Feet can have the following effects on the sound of a turntable source:

  • The sound becomes tonally correct and with increased weight, scale and authority.
  • Sound stage height, width and depth is expanded.
  • Quieter background, lower noise floor.
  • Imaging improves and the sonic presentation ‘snaps’ into focus.
  • A deeper, tighter bass performance with increased definition.
  • More ‘organic’, or natural textures.
  • An increase in detail across all frequencies.