Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
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Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber
Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber


Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber

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Colour:Snow White
Pickup available at 22 Saint Kilda Road Usually ready in 2-4 days

Artnovion Sparta - Range Absorber

Carton (4pcs) / Suede / Snow White

22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
Suite 2.02
St Kilda VIC 3182


Country of origin: Portugal

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Sparta - Range

Bringing outstanding performance with discreet design to home theatres.



Absorption Range:
350 Hz to 8000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
B | (aw) = 0,95


- Improved speech intelligibility 

- Noise control

- Reducing excessive reverberation

Sparta - Range

Sparta is an acoustic panel with a simple design, that provides a broadband absorption range.
Sparta is aimed for people who want to maintain neutral aesthetics in their home cinema, but require a proper acoustic solution. In line with this concept, Artnovion also created a speaker cover version, a visually identical solution that allows for speaker integration.
Sparta Speaker is made using an acoustically transparent fabric, carefully developed to preserve the speaker response pattern.
Sparta is an acoustic panel with a simple design fashioned for an absorption treatment range from 350 Hz up to 8000 Hz.


Sparta Absorber / Sparta Speaker

A distinctive and highly efficient absorber

Recommended for

- Home Cinema

- Home Theater 

- Media Room 

- Living Room 

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture Grade

Sparta Absorber
- Acoustic fabric
- Structural frame
- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

Dimensions | 595x1190x60mm

Sparta Speaker
- The panels are wrapped in carefully selected fabric, that has a minimal effect on speaker output performance.
- Marine grade plywood structural frame

Dimensions | 595x1190x60mm

Compatible with built-in speakers up to the following sizes:
Vertical panel - 460 x 420mm
Horizontal panel - 420 x 460mm

Integrated fixing system already incorporated on the panel. This panel can be rotated 90º to any orientation.

The new Artnovion Stealth line of acoustic products are easy-to-use tools for unimpeded acoustic design. This range of acoustic treatment solutions allows you to seamlessly incorporate and cover speakers, cabling, and all the acoustic treatment a home cinema requires, all behind a continuous fabric front, simplifying many aspects of a home cinema install.

The Artnovion home cinema Stealth Line brings a new approach to seamlessly incorporating absorber, diffusers and speakers into cinema design.

Also to be consider Lagos Fabric Diffuser

Fixing system:
This panel is installed with an integrated fixing system, hung on screws.