Audience Hidden Treasure High Performance Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
Audience Hidden Treasure High Performance Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


Audience Hidden Treasure High Performance Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

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Designed as an upgrade to all other ethernet cables, the Audience Hidden Treasure CAT 7 provides notable performance in high quality streaming systems. The HT CAT 7 cable is the result of extended rigorous R&D efforts to improve the data transmission by reduction of jitter. A multitude of proprietary high performance design elements include high quality conductors, dielectric materials, RF blocking nano-crystals, cryogenic and high voltage treatments.

Hidden Treasure Cat7 delivers stable streaming at 10Gbps, meeting the demands of the most advanced audio applications. The cable is supplied with 4 twisted pairs of 23 AWG cryogenic and high voltage treated copper wire. An external wired shield provides effective suppression of EMI, RFI, crosstalk, and system noise.

The braided shell is flexible while maintaining high strength. The high-quality RJ45 connector of the Hidden Treasure Cat7 network cable provides maximum signal transmission reliability without breaking the connection.

Among the main advantages of the novelty, the developers call the reduction of jitter and the reduction of the noise level, which became possible due to the exceptional quality of the conductors and connectors. This results in significant improvements in audio quality for networked and streaming audio when working with DACs, music servers, preamps, built-in amplifiers, and other high-end components with Ethernet connectivity.