Audience OHNO III Stereo Phono MM Interconnect Cable
Audience OHNO III Stereo Phono MM Interconnect Cable


Audience OHNO III Stereo Phono MM Interconnect Cable

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Country of origin: USA

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Audience OHNO cables are designed to achieve the very highest level of performance at an entry level price. The series is named after Dr. Atsumi Ohno who invented the method of manufacturing mono-crystal wire, a highly sophisticated process of producing wire without the crystalline barriers found in all conventional wire. Whereas copper typically exhibits thousands of crystals per meter, as audio signals move through this maze, energy is lost at every crystalline juncture. OHNO copper is a single crystal providing an unobstructed path for transmission of the purest audio signal. OHNO cables are made with XLPE (cross linked polyethylene), one of the very best insulations for high end audio cables. The price/performance proposition offered by OHNO cables is second to none.



The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Sonically these featherweights were quick and extended with well-focused imaging and dimensionality. More significantly they were not additive, nor did they crimp dynamics.

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The Absolute Sound 2018 Buyer’s Guide Review for OHNO Cables

OHNO cabling is quiet, quick, and extended with well-focused and dimensional imaging.

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The Absolute Sound, Neil Gader, 2016

Powerful, pliable, and featherweight, these wires offer an unerring sense of musicality at a blue-collar price.”

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The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award, 2016

What’s a scrawny little cable doing in TAS’ hoity-toity Golden Ear Awards?

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HiFi Critic, Paul Messenger, 2016

The sound quality is clean, verging on the romantic.

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AudioTechnique Magazine, 2018

Chinese Review

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