Cessaro Horn Acoustics Gaia-1 2-Way D’Appolito Design Standmount Loudspeaker (pair)


Cessaro Horn Acoustics Gaia-1 2-Way D’Appolito Design Standmount Loudspeaker (pair)

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Country of origin: Germany

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Gaia I

2-Way D’Appolito Design Standmount Loudspeaker

When most audiophiles think of Cessaro Acoustics, images of full-scale cost-no-object horn loaded loudspeakers come to mind. Fit and finish, sound quality and pride of ownership that are the very definition of high-end audio. For many years, the music loving community requested that Cessaro produce some speaker systems that could be used in smaller listening spaces and at a cost that was accessible to more people. This would give more audiophiles the opportunity to experience the wonderful sound of Cessaro.

Cessaro worked on this project but it took 10 years of development before they were able to offer speaker systems that fit this brief. We are elated to share with you that the wait has been worth it! The Gaia I and Opus I speaker systems are the first offerings from Cessaro that are specifically designed for smaller (typical) listening rooms and deliver that signature ‘you are there’ sonic experience.

Debuted at the Munich High End Show in 2022, the Gaia I have a traditional box form factor finished in a luxurious polished finish. It can be used as a bookshelf speaker or mounted on the specialised Gaia stands to present as a beautiful stand mounted room-friendly speaker system. Cessaro are unrivalled with their high density, rigid cabinet constructions and the Gaia I speakers benefit from this technology. Cessaro have used the proven 2-way D’Appolito configuration with a unique 34mm Beryllium dome tweeter combined with a Cessaro 5“ horn. There is a real magic with this design that produces a compellingly realistic sound. The speaker’s diminutive footprint allows them to fit into many rooms, providing an elegant luxurious physical presence. For added bass performance, Cessaro offer an immensely capable matching Opus I active subwoofer which is constructed in the same aesthetic as the Gaia I and can be used to deepen and further tune the lowest frequencies. The Gaia I can go up to impressive volume levels and the horn powered Beryllium tweeter provides an uncompressed upper end with no audible distortions.

Despite the Gaia I’s diminutive dimensions, you feel the presence of the ‘Cessaro sound’ immediately as the system transports you to the live venue. This is a great example of quality of drivers and quality of build being superior to quantity of drivers and large cabinets made of inferior resonating material. The sound is fast, articulate, open and immediate. The soundstage is wide and deep with realistic proportions. Many speaker manufacturers often build speakers with compromises so that they can have a product offering in the market and their speakers are often manufactured in low-cost labour countries. The fact that the Gaia I is made in Germany and represents the exact opposite of that thinking makes it one of the most exciting speaker systems in the world. Peruse the Cessaro range of speakers or talk to an owner of a Cessaro speaker system and you will discover that they are a company with uncompromising high standards of sonic performance and build quality.

So who is this speaker designed for? Here’s our checklist:

  • Do you have a smaller room (20-30m²)?
  • Do you have high-quality amplifiers, sources and cables and want to really hear what your system sounds like?
  • Have you come to appreciate the value of high quality, minimalist design over high quantity, complexity & size?
  • Are you a bit of a connoisseur and appreciate the highest standards of fit and finish?
  • Are you tired of swapping speakers every few years and wish to settle & just enjoy your music collection?
  • Do you seek an emotionally communicative speaker that cuts to the heart & soul of the music?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then your search has come to an end – the Cessaro Gaia I may be your salvation. Putting aside the ‘coach-builder’ standards of fit and finish, sit in front of this speaker and the ethereal sonic attributes envelop you and take you on a journey. Welcome to the world of Cessaro!

Product Specification

Item Stand Mounted Loudspeaker
Design 2-Way D’Appolito Design
Bandwidth 35 – 30,000Hz
Drive Units 2 x 6.5“ mid-range/bass drive units
1 x 34mm Beryllium dome tweeter with a Cessaro 5“ horn
Efficiency 91dB
Impedance 4 Ohm
Recommended room size 15 – 40m²
Dimension Width: 25cm
Depth: 37cm
Height: 65cm (133cm with stand)
Weight 40kg
Stands Available with or without stands