Cessaro Horn Acoustics Opus-I Active Subwoofer for Opus I Speaker System
Cessaro Horn Acoustics Opus-I Active Subwoofer for Opus I Speaker System


Cessaro Horn Acoustics Opus-I Active Subwoofer for Opus I Speaker System

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Country of origin: Germany

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Opus-I Subwoofer

The Opus I Subwoofer System is designed to extend the capabilities of the Cessaro Acoustics Opus I and Gaia I loudspeaker systems. These speakers are immensely capable, accomplished performers however if more bass drive & extension is required, the Opus I Subwoofer is a superb addition. The subwoofer is expertly designed to produce a deep and fast bass energy that provides a solid foundation for the speaker system to build a vast soundstage. The listening experience is akin to a full-scale large speaker system. Aside from a cavernous soundstage deep behind the speakers, the addition of the Opus I Subwoofer adds more focus and stabilisation of the sonic image.

The drive units, components, wiring, amplification and construction quality (85kg) of the Opus I Subwoofer are unrivalled, which is typical for a Cessaro Acoustics product. No expense has been spared in this design and the results are simply incredible. Deep, powerful bass is available to be dialled in and integrated perfectly to suit the listening space. The effect is simply transformative. The music retains its flow & dynamics but the stage expands in all directions. This is tuneful, fast, deep bass. It is not easy to make a subwoofer that sounds this way and can completely disappear sonically.

If you are looking to create a speaker system that will sound like a cost-no-object flagship mega-system for a fraction of the cost, then choose yourself a Gaia I or Opus I speaker system, add an Opus I Subwoofer and you will be in sonic bliss. Experiencing a Cessaro Acoustics sound is such a rare and special moment. We can celebrate that this experience is now available for smaller rooms and more accessible budgets. Simply brilliant!

Product Specification

Item Reference Level Subwoofer
Design Closed box design. Active with Class-D amp and DSP.
Bandwidth 20 – 100Hz
Drive Units 2 x 13 inch reference bass drive units
Amplification Custom designed Class-D amplification 2 x 500W
Recom. roomsize 25 – 40mΒ² per subwoofer
Dimension Width: 40cm (58cm including feet)
Depth: 70cm
Height: 80cm
Weight 85kg