Cessaro Horn Acoustics Wagner I 2-Way Horn Loaded Floorstanding Loudspeaker (pair)
Cessaro Horn Acoustics Wagner I 2-Way Horn Loaded Floorstanding Loudspeaker (pair)


Cessaro Horn Acoustics Wagner I 2-Way Horn Loaded Floorstanding Loudspeaker (pair)

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Country of origin: Germany

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The Cessaro Wagner I is a compact state of the art loudspeaker system for small rooms between 15-30 square meters. It was designed and constructed without cost / benefit considerations in order to achieve the best sound possible for small to medium sized rooms. The sound of the Wagner I is dynamic, tonally neutral and very expressive. It is very successful in communicating the drama and emotional fabric of the music, grabbing your attention and pulling you into the musical event.

The Cessaro Wagner I is a 2-way horn loudspeaker system that achieves its ‘reference’ reputation by combining intelligent design with the use of the highest quality materials. The mid & bass frequencies are produced by an 8” Alnico drive unit operating with a special horn reflex construction. The treble is produced by a modified TAD 1” compression driver with an Alnico magnet system and Beryllium diaphragm operating through a 10” spherical composite horn.

Our new model Wagner I isn’t just a replacement of the previous and Chopin I loudspeaker. Every detail which made the Chopin I so famous is included, but the Wagner I has been enhanced by great attention being placed on every part responsible for the music bandwidth as the sonic benefits are a great improvement over the Chopin I.

To begin with, the Wagner I uses Cessaro’s new composite horn technology. The new heavy 26cm (10 inch) spherical horn results in dramatic progression of the sound quality. The modified TAD-TD-2002 is extraordinary in its performance and the pure silver Mica capacitors for the tweeter horn along with a modified crossover and a new cabinet construction add 40kg to each speaker compared to the Chopin I.

The Wagner I is one of those speaker systems that really surprises people when they hear it for the first time. The surprise originates from the fact that it is such a compact, physically unimposing speaker. When the music starts to flow, the sonic presentation feels like it is coming from a very large speaker system. Then the listener notices how dynamic, nimble, nuanced and natural the sound is and realises that this sound is unique – so different to what we have come to expect from speakers in this price range. Uber quality, maximum engagement. Each note appears in space and finds a way to touch you emotionally.

The Cessaro Wagner I is a 2-way horn loudspeaker system:


Special hornreflex construction with a 8" Alnico drive unit.


10“ spherical composite horn , modified TAD 1" compression driver with Alnico magnet and beryllium diaphragm.

Product Specification

Model Cessaro Wagner I
Type 2 Way Horn System Loudspeaker
Power Handling 20W
Impedance 6 Ohm
Efficiency 98dB (1W/1m)
Maximum Output 109 dB
Frequency Range 30Hz – 20kHz
Recommended Power >1.5W
Recommended Room Size 15 – 30 m²
Recommended Distance >2m
Horn Types Bass – Backloaded horn (highly polished hardwood)
Treble – 26cm Spherical Horn (composite)
Drive Units Bass – 8” Alnico Bass
Treble – 1” Alnico Compression Driver (TAD TD-2002)
Dimensions 132cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 78cm (D)
Weight 110kg per unit