EGM Tonearm Earth Cable-Obsidian
EGM Tonearm Earth Cable-Obsidian

EGM Audio

EGM Tonearm Earth Cable-Obsidian

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Tone Arm Earth – Obsidian

Obsidian Audio Cables Range

EGM Audio Obsidian audio cable range is designed and built in Australia. Each cable in the range is made up of a single core, super flat 300 micron, 99.9% OFC copper conductor.

The benefits of a flat wire cable is the low resistance and skin effect, the cable won't lose sound from "strand interaction" like you will get from conventional multi-strand cables. Another benefit of a flat wire cable is that they are more convenient and more install friendly. They can be run in-wall and under carpets.

Here at EGM Audio we go the extra step to ensure our products are the best available. All of the cables in the Obsidian range (like most of our products) are randomly tested to ensure the purity of the copper in the range is 99% or greater.

The Obsidian audio cable range is terminated with EGM Audio Reference banana/ spade plugs and are available in different configuration.

All EGM Audio products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Obsidian Tone Arm Earth Features: 

  • Each flat wire core 99.9% solid Copper, OFC.
  • Low inductance and capacitance
  • Gauge: 16 AWG (5mm x 300 Micron).
  • Terminated with EGM Audio Reference Rhodium spade plugs.
  • Designed & Built in Australia
  • Limited lifetime warranty.