Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)
Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)


Inakustik Referenz LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver Speaker Cable (pair)

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Country of origin: Germany

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LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver 

Experts have already been impressed by the LS-1204 AIR (copper). This is how AUDIO summed it up: "A stroke of genius that shows competitors how it should be done – in terms of sound, too. This was wonderfully dynamic, with the most fabulous drive reaching the speaker cones. Admittedly, the price is not low, but the acoustic yield is truly world class. What's more, everything was made by hand. You can feel the love for the product."

With the LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver, the currently most filigree model in AIR technology is now also available as a pure silver cable. The structure, dimensions and conductor arrangement of this cable correspond to the copper version of the LS-1205 AIR. As with the LS-4005 AIR Pure Silver and LS-2405 AIR Pure Silver, the conductors have been optimized. Pure silver is used as the conductor material for the LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver too. Under realistic conditions, silver is currently the most conductive material. At 61.35 S/m (Siemens pro Meter), its conductivity is approximately six percent superior to that of copper. The electrons move 1.5 times faster than in a copper conductor!

Thanks to the Air Helix design, the conductors run freely suspended through the length of the cable.

The Air Helix architecture permits signal conductors to be insulated to practically 100% by air. Special clips were developed to provide the supporting framework. Positioned at defined intervals inside the cables, these clips keep the helically-arranged conductors apart. Cable flexibility is assured by means of two struts that ensure the clips remain together but also at a precise distance from each other. This architecture is unique, bringing low capacitance and minimum dielectric losses – a true milestone in the search for open and unadulterated sound.

Our physical approach: Minimize losses for true-to-original playback.

Our Referenz AIR cables transport audio signals between source, amplifier and speaker in an authentic way and with a minimum of loss. You can enjoy music that precisely expresses the emotions of the artists at the time of recording – sensual, subtle, light-hearted or orchestral right through to full-blooded and rocking. Vocals and instruments are delivered in unadulterated form. Everything remains vibrant and full of emotive energy. Favorite tracks and pieces continue to trigger strong feelings even when you’ve heard them a hundred time over.

AIR Helix

The Air Helix architecture enables the signal conductors to run freely suspended through the length of the cable and permits signal conductors to be insulated to practically 100% by air.

The dielectric

Using air as a dielectric lowers capacitance to a minimum. In comparison with other insulators, using air as a dielectric leads to no increase in capacitance and creates no dielectric losses.

Multicore structure

By cleverly arranging the conductors in the multiply nested multicore structures, overlapping magnetic field areas are created that significantly reduce inductance.

Point-to-point Air Helix for end-to-end connections

A new feature in the 5th generation of in-akustik’s Air Helix architecture is the point-to-point connection. Specially designed transitions are available for each type of cable and connector. Across the complete length of the cable – point-to-point AIR Helix. It may sound trivial at first, but the results are impressive. Sound signals are transported with minimized losses, right through to the final centimeters. The sound is more detailed and dynamic than even before.


The conductor structure

The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide avoids skin effects caused by eddy currents in the conductor. Thanks to the braided structure, the waveguide is able to precisely transport even extreme current peaks. A lacquer coating around each wire prevents eddy currents within the conductor and protects against oxidation. All this results in a conductor that delivers a balanced sound consisting of vibrant and never overemphasized timbres, even in complex musical passages and at high volume levels.

Pure silver conductors

Pure silver is regarded as the best conductor, delivering more detail across all frequency ranges. The charismatic sound of pure silver is primarily due to its high drift speed. Pure silver cables shouldn’t be confused with silver-plated cables. Silver-plated cables are said to lend a metallic and aggressive character to the sound, something pure silver cables never do.

The multicore structure

Inductance is critical to the capacitance of a loudspeaker cable, By cleverly arranging the conductors in the multiply nested multicore structures, overlapping magnetic field areas are created that significantly reduce inductance. This allows the entire frequency spectrum, including high frequencies and dynamic impulse sequences, to be transported in an unimpeded way and with no delays. The music seems more exquisitely detailed, and the sound gains in fine dynamism. All details are kept distinct yet harmonious at the same time.

Cable manufacturing unit

The beating heart of in-akustik is our manufactory. This is where our success story is rooted – permeated by a congenial working atmosphere, a love of music and a passion for detail. At in-akustik, we believe musical enjoyment stems from a listening experience that remains as close as possible to the original recording and the artist’s interpretation of the piece. That’s why we boast a committed workforce that combines curiosity with a keen sense of precision. With a fascination for music and things that are really special – like the development of our complex AIR cables.


Each cable is handcrafted with the utmost care. Our extensive know-how and the qualifications of our team enable us to manufacture the complex cables in a customized manner. Apart from the finest of materials, our most important resource is the manual dexterity of our cable assemblers. In assembling our outstanding cables, they demonstrate meticulousness, composure and dedication.

Rigorous quality control

We manufacture in accordance with the highest standards. Rigorous quality control is carried out before, during and subsequent to assembly. We verify the tolerances of ever individual component. At every stage of manufacturing, we check the configuration and electrics for short-circuits. We also conduct functional and mechanical testing. No product leaves our manufacturing unit without a final quality check.

Did you know...

...that our LS-1205 AIR Pure Silver (2 x 3 m; SW) is made up of 534 individual components? The pure silver wire used is 647 m long, and the PE monofilament is 667 m long. Containing 1,584 drill holes, the Air Helix design of this cable type demands great dexterity on the part of the assemblers when they’re threading through the conductors.

AIR background

It is widely known that the “dielectric” (= non-conductive substance) of capacitors plays a major role in the sound of hi-fi devices and loudspeakers. The engineers therefore select all components very carefully. Even if they only contain a few cubic millimeters of dielectric: A meter-long cable usually already contains several hundred cubic centimeters of dielectric substance in the form of insulating material. This dielectric stores electrical charge, i.e. energy – which is entirely wanted and necessary in electronic components such as capacitors. With cables, however, the resulting capacitance is considered a "parasitic" effect and is not wanted for unadulterated music playback because it significantly influences the transmission properties and leads to interactions with the connected electronics.


The best cable requires optimum connection technology. We use tellurium copper, a harder metal alloy that maintains the high conductivity value. Much superior to that of brass connectors. The rhodium coating ensures long-lasting contact and corrosion resistance. The stable conductivity is even maintained with frequent conversions. This is better than gold contacts, which wear out quicker.

Pressed contacts (1.5 tonnes)

The contact elements of the connectors are pressed directly into the conductor material using a special tool with a force of 1.5 tonnes. This creates a stable and reliable connection without the use of solder or ferrules. Transition resistances and negative effects are avoided to ensure optimum signal transmission.