Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable
Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable


Inakustik Referenz LS-2405 AIR Speaker Cable

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Country of origin: Germany

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LS-2405 AIR

The LS-2405 AIR high-end speaker cable offers audiophile enthusiasts unique sound experiences. In the new speaker cable Reference LS-2405 AIR, we have consistently developed the outstanding properties of its predecessor, the LS-2404 AIR. The point-to-point Air-Helix construction now allows the AIR-Helix architecture to be used from connector to connector and not just between sleeves. Another innovation is the 360° BFA bananas and cable lugs we developed for effortless and comfortable connection to the terminals. These and other technical refinements make the already very special AIR cables true masterpieces.

Find out all the details about the outstanding technical properties of this cable, the innovations of the 05th generation and the physical approach of AIR technology below


The air helix structure guides the conductors freely floating through the cable.

The air helix structure allows for almost 100 percent air content between the signal conductors. Specially developed clips form the supporting framework. Lined up inside the cable, a large number of clips lead the signal conductors freely in the air in a helical shape through the cable. The flexibility of this construction is achieved via two bars that hold the clips together and precisely at a distance. This architecture is unique. The result is low line capacitance and low dielectric losses - an audiophile milestone for open and genuine sound experiences.

Our physical approach: Minimize losses for faithful reproduction.

The reference AIR cables transport the audio signals unadulterated and with little loss between source, amplifier and loudspeaker. You experience music as the artists expressed it emotionally at the moment of recording. Sensual, fine, funny, orchestral to thrilling, rocky. Vocals and instruments are conveyed authentically. Everything seems alive. Emotions jump out suddenly. The pieces of music touch and awaken feelings, even after listening to them for the hundredth time.

To the point


The air helix structure guides the signal conductors in a free-floating manner through the cable and enables almost 100 percent air content between the signal conductors.

The dielectric

Air as a dielectric reduces the Capacity to a minimum. Compared to other insulators, air does not have any capacity-increasing properties and does not produce any dielectric losses.

Multicore structure

The clever arrangement of the conductors in the multiple nested multicore structures creates overlapping areas of the magnetic fields that significantly reduce the inductance.

Point-to-Point Air-Helix for seamless transition into the connectors

New in the 5th generation is the point-to-point connection of the Air Helix construction from in-akustik. Specially designed transitions for every type of cable and connector ensure a direct, immediate connection. From cable start to cable end, AIR helix construction from point to point. What sounds banal at first has an impact. The sound signals are transported with little loss, even the last few centimeters. The sound is even more detailed and dynamic.

The ladder structure

The Cross Link Super Speed ​​waveguide avoids skin effects caused by eddy currents in the conductor. Thanks to the braided structure, the waveguide transmits even extreme current peaks precisely. A layer of varnish around each wire prevents eddy currents within the conductor and protects against oxidation. The result is a conductor that transmits a balanced sound image with lively timbres that are not overemphasized in any area, even with complex music passages and high levels.

The conductor material

The conductor material plays an essential role in the transmission of sound signals. Any contamination worsens the conductance and increases the background noise. We only use pure, oxygen-free copper in our AIR cables. We attach particular importance to only using high-purity copper batches. The quality of the copper is determined in complex processes before it is drawn to the required diameter in the wire drawing machine over several stages.

The multicore structure

A critical conductor in loudspeaker cables is inductance. The clever arrangement of the conductors in the multiple nested multicore structures creates overlapping areas of the magnetic fields that significantly reduce the inductance. The entire frequency spectrum, including high tone frequencies and dynamic pulse sequences, are transmitted unhindered and without any time delay. Music sounds more detailed. The sound is more finely dynamic. All details are worked out precisely and harmoniously at the same time.

The cable manufacturer

The heart of in-akustik is our factory. From here we write a success story – with a lot of joy at work, passion for music and attention to detail. For us, enjoying music means creating a sound experience that comes as close as possible to the original recording and the artists' interpretation. That's why you'll find committed people here, driven by curiosity and a sense of precision, fascinated by music and extraordinary things, like the development of our elaborate AIR cables.


Each cable is handcrafted with the utmost care. Our extensive know-how and the qualifications of our team enable us to manufacture the complex cables tailor-made. In addition to using the finest materials, our most important asset is the hands of our cable workers. They assemble our exceptional cables with the greatest care, calm and dedication.

Precise quality control

Manufacturing is carried out to the highest standards. Precise quality control is carried out before, during and after assembly. We control the tolerances of each item. At every production step we check the configuration and electrical system for short circuits. We carry out functional and mechanical tests. No product leaves our factory without a final quality control.

Did you think...

...that our LS-1205 AIR (2 x 3 m; SW) consists of 534 individual parts? The copper wire used has a length of 647 m and the PE monofilament is 667 m long. The Air Helix structure of this type, which has 1584 holes, requires the utmost skill when threading the cables.

AIR Background

It is widely known that the so-called dielectric (= non-conductive substance) of capacitors plays a major role in the sound of hi-fi devices and loudspeakers. The engineers therefore select all components very carefully. Even if they only contain a few cubic millimeters of dielectric: a meter-long cable usually already contains a few hundred cubic centimeters of dielectric substance in the form of insulating material. This dielectric stores electrical charge, i.e. energy - which is entirely desirable and necessary in electronic components such as capacitors. With cables, however, the resulting capacitance is considered a “parasitic” effect and is undesirable for genuine music playback because it significantly influences the transmission properties and leads to interactions with the connected electronics.

BFA- Banana & Spade 360°

Three axes of the 360-degree BFA and Spade connectors make connecting extremely easy. Stress on cables and devices due to laborious installation is a thing of the past. The plugs can be easily connected to the different manufacturer terminals. No complicated bending is required; the contact surfaces and the associated contact resistance are not affected. The plugs can be connected easily. The visually appealing connection perfectly complements the excellent sound.

Rhodium plated

The best cable requires optimal connection technology. We use tellurium copper, a harder metal alloy that maintains the high conductivity. Compared to brass connectors, the conductivity values ​​are significantly better. The rhodium coating ensures long-lasting contact and corrosion resistance. Even with frequent modifications, the stable conductivity is maintained. This is better than gold contacts, which wear out more quickly.

Pressed contacts (1.5 tons)

The contact elements of the plugs are pressed directly into the conductor material using a special tool with a force of 1.5 tons. This creates a stable and reliable connection without the use of solder or ferrules. Contact resistance and negative effects are avoided to ensure optimal signal transmission.