Les Davis Audio Vibrare Fermata Vibration Damping for Power Board

Les Davis Audio

Made in Australia


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Something completely new in audio.

The Vibrare Fermata is made specifically for use as a damping power board filter. It is designed to sit below a 6 in-line or 8 in-line power board. Featuring two strips of a unique formula of 3D(2) multi strand viscoelastic constrained layer vibration control material, 10 mm X 500 mm attached to a maple wood board, finished in black.

Key Features
- Converts a power board into a highly effective AC mains filter
- 3D-2 technology In development since 2005
- Multi-layered construction
- Neutral vibration control 
- Does not colour the sound
- Made in Sydney, Australia
- Two strips of a unique formula of 3D(2), 10 mm X 500 mm
- Maple wood board, black finish

Made with 3D-2 Technology.

This deceptively simple looking device is actually the result of years of research and development into a modern technology known as constrained layer damping (CLD) to effectively suppress unwanted vibrations. While this technology is used in a number of applications, including the aerospace and aviation industries, Les Davis Audio has developed his own proprietary CLD material and has tested it over an extended period of time. The results are evident in Les Davis Audio's 3D Constrained Layer Damping devices.


3D products are simple to use. While the Vibrare Fermata is specifically designed for use as a power board filter, the 3D-2 technology can also be found in Les Davis Audio's other products, like the "3D⁽²⁾" isolation feet. These can be placed under all types of audio components to reduce unwanted vibrations. They can be placed under the turntables's feet, digital sources, amplifiers and pre-amps, power supplies, motors, underneath loudspeakers etc. There's even the specially made "33⅓D" record mat specifically designed to be used as a vibration controlling turntable slip mat.


In each case, 3D makes a significant sonic difference in the overall sound, such as reduced noise floor and fuller sounding music with more impact. This isn't a subtle effect - you will hear a difference when you use 3D in your audio system!


Two strips of a unique formula of 3D(2), 10 mm X 500 mm sandwiched between a black finished maple board and a thin layer of aluminium that is layered between a special formula of 3D(2) that is adhesive both sides.

Designed for a 6 in line or eight in line power board. Black finish.


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