Michell Suspension Adjusters with Rubber Coated Springs


Michell Suspension Adjusters with Rubber Coated Springs

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Suspension Springs and Adjuster Kit

Upgrade kit for original specification GyroDecs with single-piece steel suspension pillars.

*Now comes with rubber coated suspension springs*

This upgrade makes it easy to adjust the chassis height and spring position, allowing you to set up your turntable perfectly. With the turntable now effectively sitting on three pin points, you also get a lift in performance.

Contrary to the original design, the suspension pillar is made up of three parts: a suspension spindle, thrust ball and hollow pillar. The spindle is fixed to the base of the turntable, at the top of which sits the thrust ball, and the hollow pillar sits over the assembly and supports the spring, which in turn holds the chassis.

This arrangement gives the turntable a three-position, high-pressure, point contact suspension system, which helps minimise structural vibrations making their way into the sensitive parts of the turntable.