Musical Fidelity M3s CD - CD Player

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity M3s CD - CD Player

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Country of origin: United Kingdom

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M3scd | CD Player

The M3scd is a CD Player and stand-alone DAC with sublime performance.

The M3scd has been designed to give outstanding CD reproduction and to be a digital hub.

In addition to CD it has 3 digital inputs: coax, optical and asynchronous USB. This makes it particularly useful for set top boxes and/or TV sound improvement. The technical performance is excellent; it has very low distortion, extremely low jitter, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, extremely flat frequency response, exemplary linearity and excellent channel separation.

All in all the M3scd gives excellent CD replay and can act as a versatile digital hub at the same time.

M3scd In Brief

  • CD player and digital hub
  • Excellent technical performance
  • Very good CD readability
  • Multiple digital inputs - coax, optical and asynchronous USB
  • Very low jitter
  • Excellent build quality and convenient size


"With the M3si a classy midprice combo with genuine appeal."
Hi-Fi Choice 08/15

"It sounds far better than it has a right to be at the price. This is the stuff of true high-end CD players"David Price - Stereonet 02/2021

"Sensitive, precise, very relaxed. Price/performance: outstanding."
Roland Kraft - Stereoplay 03/15

"Good sound - top equipment."
Tom Frantzen - Stereo 09/17

"Both thumbs up for the M3sCD!"
Alex Rรถser, Stefan Goedecke - Audio Test 04/18