Musical Fidelity M3si - 85 Watt Integrated Amplifier

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity M3si - 85 Watt Integrated Amplifier

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M3si | Integrated Amplifier

The M3si is a new I ntegrated Amplifier offering a real taste high-end sound quality.

The M3si integrated amplifier produces high quality sound, has an extensive range of useful inputs and offers high reliability, compact size and a fair price. With its strong 85 watts per channel, the M3si will drive a huge variety of appropriate loudspeakers. It has inputs for phono (MM), 4 line inputs and USB ‘B’ up to 24bit 96 kHz.

The M3si’s sound is effortless, clear and sweet. It projects wide and deep images and has plenty of power to deliver excellent dynamic range.

The M3si is unconditionally stable and will drive any appropriate loudspeaker with ease.

Although it is Musical Fidelity’s lowest price amplifier, it embodies our hallmark values of uncoloured, stress-free sound, outstanding technical performance and great value for money.

M3si In Brief

  • 85WPC
  • Excellent technical performance
  • Preamp output
  • Unconditional stability, will drive any loudspeaker
  • Wide range of useful inputs
  • including asynchronous USB and MM phono
  • Excellent build quality and convenient size


"With the M3sCD a classy midprice combo with genuine appeal."
Hi-Fi Choice 08/15

"This is an amplifier that sounds far beefier than it's spec sheet would lead you to believe. In fact it exhibits such control over virtually any loudspeaker we connected to it and does so with an ease that you would come to expect from costlier components or more powerful ones."
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Recovering audiophile 8/2020

"Sonically perfect, even a wide gate to the audiophile class!"
Roland Kraft - Stereoplay 09/15

"Sensational in this class."
johannes maier - audio 11/14

"Can satisfy all along the line. Outstanding!"
Alex Röser, Stefan Goedecke - Audio Test 04/18

"He plays with a wide, realistic stage panorama and crisp bass."
Bernhard Rietschel - Mint 04/18

"With liveliness and playfulness, the M3si scales the sympathy ladder. Outstanding!"
Michael Lang - Stereo 04/14