My Sonic Lab Eminent Ex Stereo MC Phono Cartridge

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The sound of My Sonic Lab cartridges is the result of master cartridge designer Yoshio Matsudaira seeking natural reproduction by minimizing signal loss, internal distortion, and phase distortion. The Eminent EX utilises Matsudaira-san’s unique SH-μX magnetic core. This special core material has a higher permeability and flux density than the core material typically used in MC cartridges.

It allows My Sonic Lab to use fewer coil windings than other moving coil cartridges, minimising distortions that degrade the signal while at the same time not sacrificing signal output. This high efficiency approach results in a wide dynamic range, fast transient response, low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio. Users around the world have commented on the ability of My Sonic Lab cartridges to communicate tremendous natural detail, clarity and revealing new layers of information from their favourite records.

A key reason for the exalted sound of My Sonic Lab cartridges is the heritage or provenance of the creator. This can often help to explain why something sounds the way it does. Creating cartridges that produce this level of performance is only possible with immense experience and talent. Previous to founding My Sonic Lab, Mr. Matsudaira worked with Yoshiaki Sugano and played a major role in developing the original Koetsu Onyx cartridge. The two had met previously at Supex. Early in his career while Matsudaira-san worked with Sugano, he also designed a cartridge for Luxman, which is how he met Miura-san. They developed a close relationship which many years later led to Matsudaira designing and manufacturing cartridges for Air Tight while he was with Audio Craft. In 2004, after three decades of designing and building MCs for nearly every top Japanese cartridge manufacturer, Matsudaira started My Sonic Lab. He still does OEM/ODM for many of Japan’s top brands.

The Eminent EX is the first cartridge in the MSL range and represents great value for money as it incorporates all of the unique MSL technologies, including the SH-μX core, the Super Duralumin cantilever and the Semi-Line contact stylus using a Super Duralumin A7075 alloy body. Despite its position as the entry level cartridge in the MSL range, it is actually a highly accomplished destination level piece of audio engineering that will ensure your enjoyment of your record collection for many years to come and an excellent introduction to the fabled My Sonic Labs sound.


Stereophile, Herb Reichert, 2018

The Eminent Ex retrieved so much microdetail that I swore I could hear right through the grooves to the analog tape passing across the recorder’s playback head.

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Product Specification


  • Extra Super Duralumin A7075 alloy body


  • Moving Coil


  • SH-μX core


  • Super Duralumin


  • Semi-Line contact stylus (3µm x 30µm)

Output Voltage

  • 0.4mV at 1kHz

Internal Impedance

  • 1.0Ω (DCR)


  • 9.5g

Recommended Tracking Force

  • 1.9 – 2.2g


  • 10×10-6cm/dyen

Recommended Loading

  • 100-800Ω (ideal is around 400Ω)

Channel Balance

  • < 0.5dB (1kHz)

Channel Separation

  • > 30dB (1kHz)


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