PSB CS 605 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker


PSB CS 605 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

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CS605 – 6″ In-Ceiling Speaker

Fill your space with rich, captivating sound

Immerse yourself in rich, detailed sound backed by over 40 years of industry-leading research. Its high-quality components and wide dispersion create a captivating listening environment. Plus, the hassle-free installation and durable design make a better auditory journey simply a breeze.

Fill any space with industry-leading sound

Discover audio excellence with the CS605. Boasting the same remarkable tonal qualities that have distinguished PSB as an industry leader for over 40 years, this speaker delivers a rich, detailed sound that remains faithful to the source. Its sonic signature seamlessly integrates with other PSB speakers, making it the perfect addition to home theatres and connected homes. Welcome to immersive audio that genuinely elevates any space.

High-quality Technology for High-quality Sound

The CS605 reaps the rewards of carefully engineered elements for exceptional audio performance, enveloping your space in PSB's signature sound quality. This speaker boasts top-tier components that suppress unwanted vibrations and encourage precise and intricate high-frequency sounds to create a harmonious and lifelike reproduction. These attributes collectively elevate any room or commercial space, turning it into an engaging live performance.

Turn every seat into the best seat in the house

Dive into sound that touches your soul and fills every corner of your room with the CS605's wide dispersion. This speaker is designed to be distributed evenly, eliminating dead spots and creating a consistent, immersive listening environment. Whether enjoying your favorite music or watching an exciting movie, the CS605's wide dispersion delivers a captivating and enveloping audio experience that enhances any space.

Straightforward setup with durable design 

Installing the CS605 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly mounting system. The sturdy, heavy-duty doglegs ensure a secure and stable speaker installation, guaranteeing distortion-free sound. Cutting templates are included to make the setup even more straightforward. The speaker’s round, magnetic, frameless grille adds a touch of elegance to its minimalist design. For added convenience, pre-construction brackets and back boxes are also available. Enjoy exceptional sound without any headaches.