PSB CS 630 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker


PSB CS 630 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

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Country of origin: Canada

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CS630 – 6″ Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker

Peak performance with unparalleled adjustability

Elevating audio excellence, the CS630 epitomizes balanced, high-fidelity sound. Anchored by a dual voice coil-equipped woofer and precision-engineered aluminum dome tweeters, it masterfully handles elevated volumes, delivering resonant bass and pristine clarity. From your hallway to your home theatre, experience fine-tuned, optimized performance consistent with your style.

Balanced, High-Quality Audio For Discerning Listeners

Experience the clear difference of penetrating sound. The CS630 features a dual voice coil-equipped woofer and a pair of aluminum dome tweeters, resulting in open and immersive sound. Feel the power as it reaches higher volumes, delivering deep, impactful bass without a hint of distortion. With its meticulously designed details, the CS630’s components work together to produce a balanced, high-quality audio performance across a wide frequency range.

Ceiling Speakers Optimized for Performance

Distinguishing itself with its commitment to excellence, the CS630 allows you to rotate the tweeter array and woofer post-installation. Finely calibrate these components to ensure that your sound experience aligns impeccably with your personal preferences. This feature lets you fine-tune your speaker's performance to produce crystal-clear sound without reflections, diffraction or uneven coverage. Its remarkable adjustability crafts a listening experience that's both rich and lush, elevating your audio to unparalleled heights.

Configured for your space’s acoustic characteristics

Every space is unique, but the CS630 thrives in all. Engineered to be versatile, this in-ceiling speaker delivers remarkable sound regardless of where it is installed, whether in a narrow hallway, a cozy bathroom, or a spacious home theatre. These ceiling speakers have the unique ability to evenly disperse sound and crystallize your audio experience, ensuring a captivating experience without overwhelming volume.

Smooth installation and integration

Besides its exceptional sound, the CS630 integrates into your home’s aesthetic. With its user-friendly, foolproof mounting system, it caters to any DIY enthusiast. Its heavy-duty doglegs provide robust support, ensuring stability and durability for your installation. This reliability promotes safe, consistent audio quality and supports your speaker’s weight without bowing or bending. Additionally, the CS630's frameless magnetic grilles and invisible scrims maintain a discreet, aesthetically pleasing appearance that effortlessly complements any room's decor.