PSB CS 650 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker


PSB CS 650 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

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Country of origin: Canada

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CS650 – 6″ In-Ceiling Speaker

An elevated ceiling speaker with unrivaled bass

At the peak of the CS600 series, the CS650 reigns as the premium powerhouse, delivering thunderous bass in large spaces. With cutting-edge technology from PSB's Imagine T3 speaker, it boasts higher sensitivity, lower distortion, and an upgraded 1" titanium tweeter with Wave Guide for precise acoustic adjustments.

Unmatched bass performance

The CS650 stands as the pinnacle of the CS600 series, designed for primary listening areas and spacious rooms. Its premium woofer, inspired by the Imagine T3 speaker, offers superior sensitivity and reduced distortion even at high volumes. When it comes to how deep and well-defined the bass response is, especially at the lower frequencies, the CS650 stands alone.

Advanced Acoustic Engineering

The undisputed flagship of the CS600 series, the CS650 stands as a testament to PSB's commitment to premium sound. Enhancing the features of its CS600 peers, it features an upgraded 1" titanium tweeter with Wave Guide and indexed adjustment. This precise tweeter control ensures your bass perfectly aligns with your other speakers as a true symphony of sound. PSB's expertise in loudspeaker design is evident in every detail, delivering remarkable audio quality.

A consistently remarkable experience

An integral piece of the listening journey for any sophisticated listener. The CS650 ensures a uniform and immersive audio experience, sharing its sonic signature with other PSB speakers. Whether for a home theatre or connected audio setup, this consistency ensures audio clarity and fidelity, enhancing your enjoyment of favourite content. With the CS650, your space resonates with harmonious sound in every corner.

Invisible Audio Brilliance

Experience the ideal fusion of elegance and audiophile-quality sound with the CS650. Its unobtrusive design, magnetic frameless grilles, and flexible mounting options make installation a breeze while maintaining your space's aesthetics. Sturdy, heavy-duty dog legs ensure secure speaker mounting. Elevate your listening enjoyment with premium audio that seamlessly complements your interior. Cutting templates are provided, and pre-construction brackets and backcans are available for a perfect start to your new home.