PSB CS 810 8 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker


PSB CS 810 8 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

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CS810 – 8″ In-Ceiling Speaker

Raising the ceiling of high-quality sound

Unleash the power of superior audio quality with the PSB CS810 in-ceiling speaker. This two-way, in-ceiling, flush-mount speaker delivers a warm and balanced hi-fi sound. Thanks to the high-temperature voice coil, it also offers plenty of power handling. The CS810 perfectly combines advanced PSB technology with smart aesthetics to bring you an in-ceiling speaker that is both musical and nearly invisible, perfect for home theatre or whole-home audio.

Elevated home theatre sound 

Craft your in-ceiling music system or elevate your home theatre setup with the CS810. With over 45 years of audio expertise, it consistently delivers outstanding sonic quality, transforming any space into an acoustic masterpiece. Like the premium CS850 – 8″ In-Ceiling Speaker the CS810 offers dual-position switches so you can fine-tune the speaker's high-frequency output to match the acoustics of your room. It is also equipped with precision crossover networks contributing to their smooth and wide-band response, resulting in well-balanced audio performance.

Where power meets precision

The CS810 features an 8" carbon-filled polypropylene cone woofer and high-temperature voice coil, to produce a warm and well-balanced sound profile. Its 1" aluminum dome tweeter, equipped with a specialized waveguide and ball-joint pivot mount assembly, results in sharper musical detail. With precise engineering that minimizes room leakage, your audio remains confined to its intended space, preventing unwanted sound bleed. Experience a tailor-made listening experience that adapts to your room's unique acoustics and personal preferences.

Part of the perfect home audio setup

Benefit from decades of PSB's pioneering research in acoustics and loudspeaker design. Using over 40 years of innovation and refinement, the CS810 offers musicality and elegance that elevates any space. Designed to create an immersive soundscape in even the largest rooms. The CS810 also inherits trickle-down technology from PSB's premium speakers, ensuring a sonic signature that rivals the best. Immerse yourself in exceptional audio courtesy of PSB's legendary expertise.

Nearly invisible design

The CS810's discreet, nearly invisible design translates to uncompromised sound quality while preserving valuable floor space. With its magnetic frameless grille, available in both round and square options, this speaker adds an elegant touch to any environment. Installing the CS810 is a breeze, thanks to its foolproof mounting system and heavy-duty doglegs. It's the perfect solution for maintaining exceptional sound quality while keeping it hidden from view.