PSB CSIW SUB10 In-wall Subwoofer
PSB CSIW SUB10 In-wall Subwoofer


PSB CSIW SUB10 In-wall Subwoofer

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Country of origin: Canada

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CSIW SUB10 - In-wall Subwoofer

Crafting richer bass tones for an elevated sound

Reach new depths of low-end with the CSIW SUB10. Designed specifically for new construction, build your customer a solid foundation with strong, reliable sound. Its unique design creates a listening experience rooted in a controlled environment. Pair it with CS 500W for unbeatable power and audio excellence.

Isolated design for more impact

Immerse yourself in cinematic perfection with the CSIW SUB10. Isolating the subwoofer from the drywall allows it to deliver deep, rumbling bass you can feel. Its sealed cabinet design guarantees precision and a sense of audio realism. Its high excursion, shallow driver features a Glass fiber / PMI foam sandwich cone and dual rubber surround to ensure best-in-class performance. Handling resonating notes with ease elevates an entire system for more balance and clarity.

Starting on a strong foundation

Intended for new construction and custom installation, the CSIW SUB10 is uniquely designed to build your listening experience on a strong foundation. Connecting directly to the stud beams allows you to create a controlled environment and dampen any resonances, resulting in a cleaner and more natural sound. Its dual mounting options and rubber-isolated mounting brackets offer versatile installation possibilities. Create your sound oasis confidently with the very best quality you’ve come to expect from PSB.

An unobtrusive addition to your home

Unobtrusive yet impactful. Its discreet design allows you to feel the impact of complex, accurate bass tones while blending into your decor. With a direct stud beam connection, the grille suits various wall thicknesses, offering versatility. For discerning audiophiles who do not want to sacrifice aesthetics for an exceptional audio experience, the CSIW SUB10 allows you to have both. Its flush, hidden subwoofer appearance marries style and sound to complement any room.

Connected for Optimal Performance

For even simpler implementation, PSB has developed a complementary amplifier (CS 500W) to produce the best possible sound performance. By designing and fine-tuning a custom sonic profile, the CS500W is pre-configured to deliver a consistent and reliable audio experience. Not only will you save time during setup, but it will minimize risk and deliver an accurate and balanced base response. Discover a complete solution that promises audio excellence with PSB.