PSB PWM1 - On-Wall Speaker

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PWM1 - On-Wall Speaker

Unmatched Performance and Exquisite Design

With its sophisticated design and audiophile-quality sound, the PWM1 elevates what is possible with an on-wall speaker. Its sleek design and minimal presence prevent it from overwhelming your space, while its sound promises to fill every corner. Experience audio excellence that enhances your environment.

Where style meets sound

Unlike traditional solutions, the PWM On-Wall Speakers combine simple installation with elegant design while maintaining high performance. The PWM1 is neatly camouflaged, boasting a slim profile that blends into any interior decor and tightly hugs the wall. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, making it suitable for various applications, whether as left, center, and right channels or surround speakers. Enjoy high-quality sound without sacrificing style.

Premium Components and Advanced Driver Technology

The PWM1's audio excellence is rooted in its top-tier components, including dual 4" carbon fibre drivers and four-layer voice coils. These premium elements are at the core of its high-performance design, requiring very little amplification and setting a standard that upholds PSB's reputation for excellence. Each component, including the carbon fibre drivers and advanced voice coils, contributes to an exceptional audio experience that consistently exceeds expectations.

Uncompromising sound for a realistic experience

This on-the-wall speaker delivers off-the-charts sound. It excels in sound performance, handling demanding musical passages and cinematic scenes precisely and clearly. The speaker's open and consistent dispersion, well-balanced tones, and extended bass response create an immersive listening experience that defies its compact size. Even when wall-mounted, it maintains impressive sound dimensionality, projecting forward into the room rather than limiting itself like typical in-room models.

Adaptable for everyday use

Versatility meets convenience with the PWM1. This speaker excels in a wide variety of applications, whether as part of a complete on-wall system, a basic TV setup, or an on-wall center channel solution. It blends audiophile-quality performance with a discreet design. If you are looking for top-tier audiophile sound in a multifunctional space, the PWM1 offers exceptional options that don’t compromise performance.


Anechoic Chamber 85dB
Listening Room 87dB


Nominal 8 Ohms
Minimum 6 Ohms