PSB SubSeries 450 – 12 Inch DSP Subwoofer
PSB SubSeries 450 – 12 Inch DSP Subwoofer
PSB SubSeries 450 – 12 Inch DSP Subwoofer
PSB SubSeries 450 – 12 Inch DSP Subwoofer


PSB SubSeries 450 – 12 Inch DSP Subwoofer

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SubSeries 450 – 12" DSP Subwoofer

Experience the highest level of bass performance

The SubSeries 450 stands proudly at the pinnacle of PSB’s subseries.This flagship audiophile subwoofer redefines excellence, delivering 20Hz-deep, detail-rich bass with unparalleled accuracy. Crafted with precision engineering and powered by advanced amplification, it sets the standard for premium subwoofers.

Our most potent subwoofer yet

The SubSeries 450 embodies excellence in every aspect. As a true PSB flagship, it surpasses expectations with superior components, tailored mechanics, and groundbreaking driver technologies. Meticulous engineering and precision manufacturing deliver bone-shaking power, achieving a flat response to 20Hz and sound pressure levels exceeding 100dB. Turn your living room into an amphitheatre-like soundstage for an experience you feel in the very depths of your core.

Engineered with precision

Precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship define the SubSeries 450. It achieves a flat response to 20Hz, producing sound pressure levels exceeding 100dB. Immerse yourself in audio perfection. Collaborating with NAD Electronics brings the SubSeries 450 to life with a custom-designed, high-current 400-watt MOSFET amplifier and advanced digital signal processing. A 12” front-firing woofer and dual side-firing passive radiators create an audio masterpiece.

Taking high-level performance to even greater heights 

PSB's advanced DSP control takes the SubSeries 450 to new heights. Achieve a flat frequency response of 20Hz, even at high sound pressure levels, thanks to digital signal processing. Fine-tune your audio experience with unmatched precision. The SubSeries 450's 12” active woofer features a powerful motor with a 75oz magnet and 2 ¾” voice coil, ensuring efficiency and power handling. Coupled with two 10” passive radiators, it achieves exceptional low-frequency response without distortion.

Premium sound from a luxury design

The SubSeries 450 is engineered for effortless integration, featuring adjustable volume, crossover, and variable 180° phase/delay controls, coupled with various connection options. Beyond its groundbreaking sound, this subwoofer harmoniously combines aesthetics and power. Housed within an elegant high-gloss black cabinet, the SubSeries 450 boasts soft-edged aesthetics. Since its designer appeal is as remarkable as its unmatched bass performance, it elegantly blends into any space.