PSB SST-24 B600 Speaker Stands (pair)
PSB SST-24 B600 Speaker Stands (pair)
PSB SST-24 B600 Speaker Stands (pair)


PSB SST-24 B600 Speaker Stands (pair)

Sale price$999.00

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Colour:Gloss Black

Country of origin: Canada

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Synchrony SST-24 B600 Speaker Stands

Elegant stands, custom-matched for your speakers.

Elevate your sound system's performance with these 24" speaker stands thoughtfully designed for optimal listening. Designed to pair with the B600 bookshelf loudspeakers and crafted with all-metal construction, they offer stability and style. Carpet spikes and floor protector discs protect any floor type, while concealed wire management keeps cables tidy.

Tailored Design for Synchrony B600

Bring your listening system together for optimal results. Designed to pair perfectly with B600 bookshelf speakers, the Synchrony 24” speaker stands raise your audio experience. The stands reach an ideal 24” height, to ensure your sound hits the sweet spot when seated. Crafted from robust all-metal materials, they provide lasting durability and unwavering stability, safeguarding your valuable investment.

Floor Compatability 

Showcase your Synchrony speakers proudly and maintain your floor's integrity. These stands offer versatility and floor-friendly design, fully equipped with carpet spikes for stability on carpeted surfaces and floor protector discs for wood or tile floors. Place them anywhere with complete confidence that you can enjoy outstanding sound without concerns about floor damage or instability.

For a room that looks as good as it sounds

Crafting an immersive listening experience means eliminating any distractions. The most common culprit for audiophiles is cable clutter. Say goodbye to tangled cables and messy wires. These speaker stands were designed for modern living and equipped with concealed wire management, ensuring a tidy and organized setup. With unsightly wires entirely hidden from view, you can fully appreciate your exquisite sound quality. 

Easy Assembly 

Your time is best spent enjoying your sound system, not struggling with complex assembly. Our sturdy, all-metal modern speaker stands offer a hassle-free setup process perfect for even the most casual DIY enthusiast or beginner. You won't need any special tools, as detailed, step-by-step instructions are included. This way, your speakers can quickly take center stage in no time, ready to enhance your audio experience.