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Reed 2G

Reed 2G is tonearm model, which merges the best features of Reed 2A and Reed 3Q tonearms and adds a few new ones.

Reed 2G is very easily adjusted and can be mounted to virtually any turntable with or without an adapter.

As other our tonearms, Reed 2G features 0.2 mm precision VTA adjustment and tonearm’s height can be adjusted from 28 mm to 48 mm.

Tonearm has cardanic bearing system: vertical axis has thrust rotation bearings and horizontal axis is based on thrust pivot bearings (a bit close to Reed 3P). Such bearing construction eliminates bearing wobbling, which has a great impact to the quality of the sound.

All Reed 2G tonearms have unique azimuth adjustment system, which allows implementing a tonearm with replaceable armwand. Replaceable armwand feature allows you to change tonearm effective length and effective mass with no hassle. For connecting the armwand and tonearm body, high quality LEMO connector is used.

As well as all our tonearms, Reed 2G has replaceable headshells.

Reed 2G can be wired with Finewire C37 cable or have a 5-pin DIN connector for a custom cabling solution.

Tonearm’s antiskating is magnetic and is similar to one used in Reed 3P tonearm.

Reed 2G with the laser option

Laser-enabled Reed 2G version continues tradition of Reed 3Q and helps audio enthusiasts to set up their systems using latest technology. Calibrated laser add-on, used in this tonearm version, allows user to adjust VTA and azimuth quickly and precisely.

Effective length 9.5’’ 10.5’’ 12’’
Mounting distance, mm 205.5 236.1 283.8
Pivot to spindle distance, mm 223 251.6 295.6
Overhang, mm 17 15.4 13.4
Offset angle, deg 22.9 20.7 17.6
Effective mass From 14g to 22g, depending on armwand and headshell material

Pictures below are for illustration of finishing only; tonearm model may be different from described above.

Gold matte

Gold glossy


Seashell white




Macassar Ebony


Teak light

Teak dark

Approximate effective mass of Reed tonearm in grams
Armwand Effective lenght
9,5″ 10,5″ 12″
12 14 18
Makassar ebony
12 14 18
10 12 14
Teak (dark, light)
8 10 12

Features & Specifications

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