Revel SA1000 8 Ohms per speaker output
Revel SA1000 8 Ohms per speaker output
Revel SA1000 8 Ohms per speaker output
Revel SA1000 8 Ohms per speaker output


Revel SA1000 8 Ohms per speaker output

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5 Years in Passive, 2 Years on Active, Lifetime on Custom Loudspeakers Warranty

Country of origin: USA

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8 Ohms per speaker output

The SA1000 is a custom amplifier solution, optimized for the highest level of performance and reliability. This rackmount amplifier includes user features on the front panel, and a custom installer focused feature set on the rear panel. As part of Revel's in-wall subwoofer system, this rack mountable Class D component is designed to power the B28W in-wall subwoofer.

The SA1000 single channel, rack mount amplifier has two outputs in parallel, so you can power one B28W subwoofer module with 350W RMS (750W Peak). When a second B28W subwoofer module is connected to the second output of the SA1000 amplifier, the total output power increases to 700W RMS (1500W Peak).

This complete in-wall subwoofer solution with external rack mountable amplifier is designed to complement Revel’s high-performance architectural product portfolio. It delivers dynamic bass and lifelike realism to concealed music and home cinema systems resulting from Revel’s advanced engineering prowess, and comprehensive subjective and objective measuring tests.

SA1000 Highlights

  • User-adjustable Single-band PEQ – Room Equalization

  • Short-circuit and over-current protection

  • Over-temperature compensation

  • Two dual-banana output connectors for easy connection

  • Completes in-wall/in-ceiling solutions for music and home theater systems

  • Connect up to two B28W Subwoofers with each SA1000 Amplifier

  • Designed to fit standard 2 x 4 stud frame construction

  • Self-contained subwoofer module with integrated back-box allows for easy retrofit installations