Sutherland Engineering Trans-Impedance Gain Stage (SUT Replacement)

Sutherland Engineering

Sutherland Engineering Trans-Impedance Gain Stage (SUT Replacement)

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Sutherland SUTZ

If you have a phono pre-amplifier that you are happy with but are frustrated with the hassles of operating a step-up transformer, the Sutherland Engineering SUTZ will be of great interest to you. It offers a trans-impedance gain stage for a low output MC cartridge. The signal is amplified to a few millivolts and then transferred to the MM input of your phono pre-amplifier. There is no discernible sonic signature, just a clean clear, detailed gain stage.

No more need for step-up transformers and all the hassles that are associated with them. Given the way the trans-impedance circuit works, you also give up the endless search for perfect loading. Headaches gone!

Furthermore, it offers a great level of sonics, allowing you to realise your cartridge’s potential.

Ron Sutherland has just created a new genre of component, typical of the brand’s leading role in the high-end phono pre-amplifier market. Innovation at it’s best, prompting the question: “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?”