Behind the products - Henry Kloss

Behind the products - Henry Kloss

Many people have a brand or product that has meaning to them as it’s followed them around for many years. For me it wasn’t a brand, but instead an audio designer; Henry Kloss…

In the year 2000, I was first introduced to a Tivoli Audio Model One.

It was a really cool, retro looking radio that would sit on my kitchen bench. Aside from sounding great, I also learned that the Model One was designed by Henry Kloss.

It became a very important part of my life – I would listen to it every day for both music and the occasional news update.

Tivoli Audio as a brand would then go on to pop up unexpectedly for me throughout my career.

On one occasion, while I was working at Sound and Vision on Chapel street, I had the distinct pleasure of selling a Tivoli Audio PAL (portable radio) to Lou Reed when he was on tour in 2003. I was lucky enough to obtain his signature, when he signed the purchase receipt, but then I stupidly put it in the till and didn't even take a photocopy of it!

After leaving Sound and Vision and moving to Tivoli Hi-Fi in 2007, I was taken aback at how Tivoli Audio radios were still so popular! Henry Kloss’s design was clearly standing the test of time, and it seemed that everyone else was also enjoying these perfectly designed radios too.

Recently, a distributor friend of mine contacted me asking if HeyNow Hi-Fi would be a stockist of the incredible KLH speakers. 

Founded in 1957, KLH was once the largest loudspeaker company in the world, manufacturing and distributing over 30,000 speakers worldwide each year. The most notable KLH product, the Model Five loudspeaker was (and still is) considered one of the most sought-after loudspeakers for those passionate about audio and Hi-Fi.

The classic design of the Model Five features real wood veneers, cast aluminium baskets, and uses the acoustic suspension principles designed by one of the KLH founders; I almost couldn’t believe it when I found out that founder was Henry Kloss.

Even the name of the KLH speaker ‘Model Five’ is a salute to the original Tivoli Audio radios as a continuation from the Model One, Model Two and Model Three radios.

Despite this, the KLH Model Five has come a long way, with a three-position acoustic balance control that adjusts the speaker’s output for all types of listening environments, meanwhile the acoustic suspension design is the most accurate and linear enclosure design for any loudspeaker available today.

But it’s not just loudspeakers – KLH also presents a serious offering with their Ultimate One headphones. With a frequency response rated at 18Hz-22kHz, you’ll be able to enjoy the clarity and power of the Model Five loudspeaker, in your own headphone bubble.

It was amazing that a radio that meant so much to me over 20 years ago would have such a close connection to a completely different brand, that I am able to stock at a completely different business all these years later. But that is part its charm to me.

Often times it’s not about the specifics of each product, but instead the stories behind each aspect of our listening experience that we most enjoy. Music can tell a story, and often times, so do our Hi-Fi systems that allow us to reproduce it.

Personally, I am thrilled to announce that I am currently stocking KLH products at HeyNow Hi-Fi, with products available for purchase online right now! If you’re in the market for one of the finest loudspeakers available, click here to see my full range of KLH products, or stay tuned for my next newsletter as to how you can win a free pair of KLH headphones for yourself.

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