New Brand - RME

New Brand - RME

It makes sense that if you’re involved in the industry of music or sound reproduction that your skill-sets need to reflect that. This is exactly how the developmental team at RME are able to create such innovative, user friendly and high-quality digital audio solutions with their products.

Not only are all the RME developers’ specialists in software and hardware production, but each developer is also either a musician or sound engineer – ensuring that these products aren’t just good on paper, they’ve been designed and created by those in the music scene to flawlessly reproduce your audio.

RME has an extensive range of audio interfaces, DACs, mic preamps and network audio solutions.

The brand truly has innovation at its core, as an RME developer will regularly network with other industry specialists in order to compare and exchange knowledge and information. Each addition to the RME product line is designed to offer the user a superior quality of audio reproduction, while also offering the user a simple product that offers excellent value for money.

RME also allows for connectivity across multiple platforms like Windows and Mac OS via PCI, PCIe, Thunderbolt technology, FireWire, USB 2and 3. Since its creation in 1996, the brand has developed a strong reputation for providing connectivity solutions for a variety of different software platforms.

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