Complete compatibility: LUMIN

To me, LUMIN products stand for compatibility, allowing you to stream everything from MQA to DSD, FLAC through to WAV directly into any Hi-Fi system. Additionally, LUMIN products support TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay, allowing you to stream directly from your choice of online streaming service.

One of the features of LUMIN products is their LEEDH processing: a digital volume adjustment algorithm that modifies a digital signal to completely eliminate any information loss or rounding errors. LEEDH processing improves the audio signal quality in LUMIN amplifiers, while also resulting in lowering processing power and using less resources, allowing the listener to clearly hear the original intentions of the musical artist.

The incredibly intuitive LUMIN App, and has been created to match the simplicity of their streamers’ design. With the LUMIN App, listeners are able to browse through their entire music collection before selecting and streaming their audio in stunning detail.

Much like your music, LUMIN is always evolving – with their entire product range benefitting from their programme of continuous development. Regardless of what model you have, LUMIN’s updates ensure you’ll always be streaming with the latest technologies

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