Ruark Audio: A modern take on a classic radio

Ruark Audio: A modern take on a classic radio

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Founded in 1985, Ruark Audio specialises in the creation of radio's and Hi-Fi systems that are aesthetically pleasing and produce top-quality sound - cultivating an immersive audio experience that enhances your home interior-design.

In the autumn of 2006 Ruark launched the now iconic R1 radio, and in 2020 released their updated and upgraded fourth generation. True to the original R1, the design of R1 Mk4 is simple yet stunning, and has evolved to remain in-tune with what listeners are seeking today.

Driving the system is a punchy Class A/B linear amplifier for exceptional dynamics and with adaptive equalisation an eminently listenable sound is provided at all volume levels. The crisp OLED display clearly shows time, alarm and programme information and auto adjusts to suit ambient light levels. The R1's radio reception is excellent, and a Bluetooth receiver allows you to enjoy R1’s great sound when streaming from your phone or computer.

The R1 is ideal for the kitchen, perfect in the office and simply delightful to wake up to in the bedroom - in short, the R1 will bring crystal clear audio and a modern style to every room in your home.

With an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver, you can also wirelessly stream to the R1 from your phone or computer. If you love music, both over the radio, or streaming yourself, then the R1 will undoubtedly be a revelation.

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