Ferrum Hypsos DC Power Supply Review - by Mark Gusew

This power supply from Ferrum, has to be the most advanced and versatile unit that I have ever seen or had the privilege of using. I have been wanting this unit for a very long time and didn’t even realise it. I have been able to connect and use it with a variety of devices that require external DC voltages and each time, the Hypsos has increased the sound quality of every single device I tried and allowed total control of the process.

I used the Hypsos on various DAC’s, phono stage, music streamers and even my NBN network switch, the one supplied free from Telstra. I set the voltage to 12V and the centre pin as positive and plugged it in. It was really easy to do via the colour front panel and rotary dial. It’s amazingly intuitive to use. Streaming Tidal Master tracks from Tidal via a Meitner MA3 streamer/DAC the differences were immediately obvious and was a huge improvement over the standard wall wart. It’s a bit of overkill price wise but demonstrates the advantages of clean DC power everywhere in the system, even in areas that you may not have considered important in the past. 

Benefits include better focus on the recording, with a much darker quieter background and a far more relaxed sound. Instruments are clearer and voices sound more real and better defined. Live performances are easier to believe that they were recorded from a live venue and the crowd even sounds better and more distinct. 

The ability to carefully tweak the output voltage on the fly is a major plus. The rated voltage for a device is a general and safe rating, but by adjusting the voltage in tiny 0.1V increments it has an audible effect. I started off with the recommended 12.0V for my Melco streamer and found that just a little more voltage (12.2V) improved the dynamics, bass impact and the size of the soundstage. It was not what I was expecting.

If you have an audio device that relies on external DC voltages, then do yourself a favour and try the Ferrum Hypsos power supply as it potentially can have a huge effect on your sound quality.

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