Game changer - Dutch & Dutch

Game changer - Dutch & Dutch

If you are looking to spend between $15k - $20k on a Hi-Fi system you need to consider these.

So, what makes the Dutch & Dutch 8c so amazing?

The 8c are fully active speakers which are incredibly dynamic. The 8c speakers employ two active, high excursion eight inch bass drivers per speaker aimed at the back wall. This makes the most of the musical energy, so it's not dissipating into your listening space. The result of this is a huge, natural, beautiful soundstage. The 8c also use Waveguide technology for high frequency dispersion therefore opening up the soundstage and broadening your listening sweet spot.

The 8c has an intuitive Digital Signal Processor (DSP), allowing you to calibrate them to your room. The 8c speakers are independently network controlled, meaning you can adjust the levels of one speaker without impacting the levels of the other.

The relationship between the speaker and the room is the most important (and often hardest) thing to get right when buying your perfect Hi-Fi. As a result, the full room re-equalisation (REW) within the 8c speakers ensures the listening experience will be perfect in every listening space. *Additional DSP microphone required.

The 8c has two models, the 8c Full-Range Active Monitor and the 8c Studio Monitor. Both models produce the same incredible sound, however The Full-Range Active Monitor has an inbuilt pre-amp music streamer, meanwhile the Studio Monitor requires an additional pre-amp/ music streamer.  

I’ve been waiting for four months for these speakers to arrive back in at HeyNow Hi-Fi, and am very pleased to now have them in stock! Due to the unprecedented demand for these speakers, and the impact of Covid on their production, stock is very rare. Once these speakers are gone, I will not receive any more until November. Get in quick, so as to not miss out.

These speakers are a game changer - contact me now to organise a demonstration.

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