Just landed – Mark Levinson 5000 series

Very pleased to announce my Mark Levinson 5000 series have arrived at HeyNow Hi-Fi for demonstration.

 - 5101 SACD player and streamer – The № 5101 includes a slot-loading SACD player, network streamer and Digital-to-Analog Converter in one beautifully designed component. This means that the № 5101 plays all disc formats, supports high-resolution streaming from major streaming platforms and plays files from storage drives including USB. To bring you a high-quality, vibrant digital music experience, the № 5101 includes a custom-made Precision Link II Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). This premium component is key to any high-end audio system — and reveals intricate details in your music that you’ve never heard before.

5105 Turntable – Showcase your vinyl collection with a turntable custom made with the finest materials, technology and artisanship in the world. With a lavish design and outstanding performance, the № 5105 is engineered to reveal every intricate nuance from a song’s original recording with explosive dynamics and an expansive sonic image. Machined from solid aluminium, the № 5105’splinth and platter are exceptionally stable. To provide a completely quiet platform, the heavy chassis also rests on adjustable isolation feet. The result is extraordinary stability that allows the cartridge to accurately reproduce every intricacy of your music — without interference from external vibrations.

- 5805 Integrated Amplifier – Experience the true power of your music with an integrated amplifier that allows you to hear the unique character of every note. The Mark Levinson № 5805 contains a high-quality preamplifier, phono stage and amplifier in one seamless package, delivering dynamic sound for your entire digital and analogue music collection. Fill your home with rich, enveloping waves of sound. This high-end integrated amplifier contains a highly capable power supply (500+ VA toroidal transformer)that allows it to provide the right amount of power to your loudspeakers — and deliver premium audio performances without distortion.

Mark Levinson believes in unlocking the clarity of every note in your music – and that’s exactly what the 5000 series allows you to do. Call me if you’d like a demonstration on any of these fantastic products to help uncover a new layer in your music you never knew was there.

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